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Subaru Outback Valve Cover Gasket

Common Effects of a Bad Subaru Outback Valve Cover Gasket

A broken Subaru Outback valve cover gasket can cause low-risk problems, which can lead to serious ones if left unfixed. To prevent your valve cover gasket from giving you a headache, take note of the common effects of a broken gasket and learn these simple and useful troubleshooting tips:

Leaking oil

If your valve cover gasket gets cracked or damaged, your engine will surely leak oil and leave drops or puddles of it on the ground. Of course, once the oil leaks, the oil levels will surely drop. And if left unattended, your car may lose large amounts of oil. To avoid getting yourself in this scenario, immediately check your valve cover gasket for any sign of wear once you see puddles of oil underneath your Outback. Keep in mind that the oil leaks when your vehicle is parked and the engine turned off. If your valve cover gasket is already cracked, replace it right away to prevent more oil from leaking.

Seeping oil

When you see traces of oil on your valve cover gasket, your vehicle may be experiencing oil seepage only. Always remember that oil seepage is different from oil leakage, so there's no urgent need for you to replace your valve cover gasket. Oil seepage usually happens on vehicles that have traveled more than 30,000 miles. And what happens here is that small amount of oil seeps out from the gasket without leaving oil puddles on the ground. The small seep, however, attracts dust and grit than can buildup around the gasket if not cleaned. So if you have dirt buildup there, this means that you just need to monitor your valve cover gasket in case the oil seepage leads to an oil leak. If so, that's the only time you should replace it.

Fuming hood

One way to tell if your valve cover gasket already needs to be replaced is when there is gray smoke fuming from the hood. This usually manifests when your vehicle is idling and when the engine heat burns the oil that leaks out from the valve cover gasket. Turning off your engine and replacing the old, worn-out valve cover gasket will solve this problem.

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  • Different Ways to Make Your Subaru Outback Valve Cover Gasket Look Good

    Your Subaru Outback valve cover gasket can get dirty after some time and may need to be cleaned to maintain it in good condition. To help you achieve a good-looking valve cover gasket, follow these simple and useful maintenance tips:

    Brush the surface against sandpaper.

    If your valve cover gasket has a few buildups on the surface and you can't remove them, you can use 60- or 80-grit sandpaper to make the surface even and smooth. But instead of holding the sandpaper and rubbing it on the valve cover gasket, lay the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the gasket on it in a back-and-forth motion. In this way, you can be sure the surface is evenly sanded.

    Clean using a small wire brush.

    You can use a small wire brush or steel wool to clean your valve cover gasket. However, this can damage the surface and make it uneven if you're not careful in scrubbing it. But if you're comfortable and used to clean your valve cover gasket with these, then go ahead. Just make sure that the bristles and the steel wool are soft to avoid damaging the surface.

    Soak it in Coke.

    You can try soaking your valve cover gasket in Coke to remove any buildup on its surface. But make sure that the entire gasket is submerged in the liquid. Keep in mind that the gasket is quite large, so having a huge container filled with Coke is advised.

    Paint the surface.

    If you want to make your valve cover gasket look attractive, you can paint its exterior. But be careful in choosing the type of paint you're going to use as you would want it to be heat-resistant to stay on the surface for a long time and withstand engine heat.

    Spray the degreaser.

    Using the degreaser to clean your valve cover gasket is safe and advised. You just have to spray it on the surface and rinse it well by hosing it down carefully. You can also clean the oil leaks or seeps on your vehicle's valve cover gasket as dirt and grit tend to accumulate on the traces of oil.