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Subaru Outback Windshield Wiper Motor

Knowing Your Subaru Outback Windshield Wiper Motor Problems and Causes

The windshield wiper motor of your Subaru Outback is an integral part of your car's safety. It ensures that the windshield wiper keeps working, which provides you with constant visibility even through harsh weather conditions. Thus, it is important to make sure the problems the part has as resolved as soon as possible. Here are two of the most common problems you will get with windshield wiper motors, as well as their causes:

Wiper arms not moving with clicking noises

A huge sign that could tell you that your windshield wiper motor is experiencing some trouble is when you activate your wiper, yet it is not working. Furthermore, you begin to hear a sort of a clicking noise if it is left on. The clicking should come in the intervals of around three to five seconds. The first thing you should do when this happens is to turn off the motor immediately. This is very important for the safety of your vehicle. If you just let the motor running this way, it is going to eventually burn up and could cause more electrical problems for your vehicle. The two main causes for this problem are: the motor is finally going bad, which very likely means replacement; or voltage managing somehow being received by the wires.

Wiper arms not moving without clicking noises

Another, yet not as conspicuous, symptom also involves the wiper arms not moving. But this time, there are no unwanted noises being heard. If this is your scenario, then you still need take a good look at your windshield wiper motor. Common causes for this particular issue to pop up are broken components or power inconsistencies. On the component side, you should first check the fuse, for there is a good chance that it might be blown. Another small part to check is the relay. It is positioned just next to the turn signal relay, so it is pretty easy to tinker about. As for the power troubles, the relay or fuse might be simply not getting enough power for them to work properly. An easy way to check if this is true is by getting a voltometer and measuring the amount of current flowing.

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  • Mastering Subaru Outback Windshield Wiper Motor Maintenance

    The windshield wiper motor of your Subaru Outback needs to be kept in great shape. If it becomes broken, it will fail its function of maneuvering the wiper arms, which remove anything blocking your field of view on your windshield. This will lead you in a very dangerous situation when you suddenly are blinded. To prevent this kind of disaster from happening, here are some maintenance tips to get you started:

    Make sure all electrical connections are turned completely off.

    Prior to doing anything, it is of utmost importance for your car and more especially yourself that no electrical current is running. Disconnect all cables and wires related to the windshield wiper motors. To be very sure, make sure that you also turn off your car's battery. Also, see if the connections are free of rust. Corroded wires will pose a lot of problems for your motor, and if they are, then replace the wires appropriately.

    Wear protective gear.

    Driver safety always comes first. Before tinkering with the windshield wiper motor, make sure you put on the appropriate clothing. Having your hands and eyes exposed could prove dangerous, as you might risk one of two possible mishaps: electrocution from the motor itself, or temporary blindness from a component flying out. Safety gloves and goggles are the priority gear you should have, and make sure that they do not have holes or anything that could directly affect your skin and eyes when doing maintenance.

    Be wary of any signs of physical damage.

    Dirt, dents, and deformation from rust all contribute to the wear and tear of your windshield wiper motor. As important as the electrical systems in it are, the mechanical components need to be free from harm as well. When doing your regular car inspection, especially after going through hazardous terrain such as heavy rain and muddy roads, see if there are any marks such as burns or signs of bending. If you detect any of these kinds of damage, then you can clean them by simply washing the part with some water and cleaning agent. Just make sure that you dry it completely, else it might get short circuited.