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Subaru Xt Parts and Subaru Xt Accessories

6 Lesser-Known Facts about the Subaru XT

  • The Subaru XT is known in four different names. It is called Alcyone in Japan and is marketed as Vortex in Australia and New Zealand. The name XT or XT6 are used in the US and European markets. XT models are outfitted with a four-cylinder EA-82 engine while XT6 units use the ER-27 six-cylinder engine.
  • In 1985, all Subaru XTs came with extreme wedge body shape, making them known as the most aerodynamic production cars of their time. Subaru engineers made it possible by outfitting their vehicles with engines that have flat, horizontally opposed cylinder layout and with rubber spoilers before every wheel well. Aircraft-type door handles were also employed because they completely flush with the outside door panel.
  • The XT comes with an aircraft-inspired cabin, which is an epitome ofthe influence of its mother company (Fuji Heavy Industries) to Subaru. This company also ventures in the manufacture of aircraft, and one of its famous artifacts is the Fuji FA200 Aero Subaru. Among the many aircraft-like features installed in the Subaru XT are pod-mounted lighting and wiper and climate controls, joystick-shaped shifter with thumb-triggered interlock, and the tilting-telescoping steering, which adjusts the instrument panel so it will be in line with the steering column when tilting
  • When it was launched in the market, the Subaru XT was billed by the New York Times as “the ultimate in jazzy design.” The model's wedge shape was recognized as the company's departure from previous models' curves that were obviously influenced by the ‘70's automotive styling.
  • Since 1985 to date, the Subaru XT has been featured in more than 30 movies and US TV series, including the Alcatraz, Wildfire, Pacific Blue, as well as the famous American teen drama mystery-thriller series “Pretty Little Liars”. Among the popular movies where the Subaru XT appeared are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lethal Weapon, Soccer Dog, Evil Sister, Wild Wheels, Terminator Salvation, and Miami Vice.
  • Have you heard about the Cybrid adaptive electrohydraulic steering system? Installed in the Subaru XT6, this kind of steering system tailors the level of assistance to the vehicle's speed. It frees the engine bay some space as it gets rid of the usual belt-driven power steering pump.