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Subframe Mount

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Installing a Subframe Mount

Subframe mounts are hard, sturdy, and strong. There is a reason why they are like this: a subframe carries the heavy load of an engine, and its mount supports it while it does its job. This means that a subframe mount is also strong and, more importantly, is installed properly. If you are replacing or installing a new subframe mount, here's a guide on how to do it correctly.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Subframe mounts

  • Hydraulic jack/jack stands

  • Bearing puller/installer

  • Differential mount

  • Tabs for different differential mounting bolts

  • Metric tap and die
  • Easing into the installation

    Jack up the car and mount it on the jack stands using the hydraulic jack. Let the subframe drop a bit by loosening the 3 mount bolts.

    Secure the frames

    Use a pry bar to get the subframe down for 'hand' clearance. Run a threaded rod through the subframe mount. Use washers on the rod, placing them at the top. Afterwards thread 2 nuts at the top of the rod. Leave about half of the thread exposed above the washer. This process helps you to have better control of the rod, and to use a wrench and a ratchet on the upper and lower nut.

    Using the rod to remove the mount

    Run the threaded rod into the mounting hole. Use your pry bar to create clearance between the subframe and the body. Ensure that the threaded rod is inserted in the mounting hole by taking 2 nuts by hand and increasing the distance between them. Increase the pressure on the subframe using the jack. This will create tension.

    Removing the mount and replacing

    Tap the side of the subframe mount with a blunt-faced instrument. It will release because of the tension. 'Walk' it all the way until it falls out. Measure the new mount against it, to make sure it is the same size. Afterwards, using the bearing puller/installer, press the new mount into the subframe. Don't forget to install the small rubber mount before everything else.

    Finishing up

    Jack the subframe until it seats in the unibody. Place cage assembly on the subframe mount. Afterwards, secure it by bolting it down with the three bolts. Repeat on the other side of the car. Finish up by installing the rear differential guard.

    Tips and warnings

    • Take note of the bolts in the car. If they do not release cleanly, do not attempt to force them.