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Sumitomo is a global brand comprising of various products ranging from aerospace, automotive, construction rails, chemicals and plastics, foodstuff and fertilizer, power telecom, mineral resources and energy, living related products, media and electronics, steel and non-ferrous metals, real estate, transportation systems, and tubular products. With all these products we can therefore have an idea on the high caliber of this brand.

Race Pages is truly honored to have collaborated with such a world-class brand. And although not all of the Sumitomo's products are included in our product lineup but we are fortunate to be given the opportunity to distribute one of Sumitomo's famous products, the Sumitomo brake pad set. It has never been a problem distributing Sumitomo's products across the different parts of the world. Thanks to the brand's established reputation as a trusted manufacturer of high quality products. This is also the reason why Race Pages has been offering this brand for years now and will continue to do so in more years to come.

The collaboration with Sumitomo has also provided Race Pages with the opportunity to offer the brand's products at very affordable prices. This explains why the Sumitomo brake pad sets that we are offering are cheaper as compared to what other online dealers offer. We also have a huge warehouse system that enables us to fill up all orders for Sumitomo brake pad sets in various parts of the world. Aside from delivery of Sumitomo's products, we also provide customer support services as part of our commitment to providing high quality products to all customers that we have, regardless in wherever part of the globe they may be.