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Superlift is a pioneer in the industry and was founded in the year 1975. And ever since it has grown into the famous brand we knew it today. It's also one of the very few brands that is actually owned and managed by four wheel drive enthusiasts. This is probably one of the reasons why its products are highly trusted by most four wheel drive customers from around the world.

For the past thirty years of its existence, the company has successfully provided truck and SUV owners with products that perform and operates as they were advertised. Let's face it, other brands when they advertised there is a small caption below stating that products may not appear similar in actual. This is exactly the edge of Superlift against the other brands because what you see is what you get when it comes to its products. If Superlift advertised that its Superlift suspension kit is the best performing suspension kit available, then expect to get just that --- a highly durable suspension kit.

Superlift's suspension kits were designed using the most advanced computer modeling technology, made to the specifications provided by various vehicle manufacturers. And since it caters to off-road customer enthusiasts, its products were designed to endure the beating that goes with off-road driving. The other factor that helps this brand to succeed for thirty years is its sensitivity to the needs of its customers. They have designed their products to suit every off-roading needs of their customers with particular reference to the type of four wheel drive vehicle that their customers drive. Knowing such needs has helped the brand to further improve the performance and the safety of its suspension products.