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On an icy night, no truck, SUV or jeep is spared from the hazards of the slippery road caused by the extremely cold weather. Having slid-off into the curb spells nightmare. So you have to call a tow truck to help you with your problem. But there's no sign of a phone booth or the nearest motel to call to. Good thing you do not have to go through those hassles. Because you got the best winch in your truck to pull you back in the road again. For three decades now, only one name dominates the winch industry with its quality products catering to various heavy duty requirements - Superwinch.

Superwinch Truck Winches has got the power, quality and convenience of providing to your heavy duty needs.As these winches abound in 1,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds, no job is impossible with Superwinch Truck Winches. The 12V and 24V DC winches have capacities of 1,000 to 16,500 lbs.(454 kg to 7484 kg). Greater pulling power is offered by the 120V and 240V AC (mains) winches, which loads up to 2000 lbs. in capacity. It's considerably small and lightweight (12 lbs.) that you can install in almost anywhere for continuous outdoor use, whether you're in garage door, the driveway, RV or boat trailer.

The compact, lightweight (12 lbs.) but durable Superwinch T1500 has a free-spooling mechanism with a 25-foot wire rope, that allows for quick wire rope spooling off the winch drum. Such process saves time and battery power. It powers load in and out.

And the long lines of high-quality, industry-leading accessories kept pouring in: pulley blocks, straps, gearboxes, mounting kits, remote controls. You name it. Superwinch surely has something for your heavy pulling needs. Safety and performance is the name of the game. With Superwinch, aren't you glad there's a dependable winch to save your day?

Superwinch Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Superwinch Product, For the Right Job

    When you need a winch, you really need it; don't be caught with anything less than the most powerful winch on the market

    For over 30 years, Super Winch has been the undisputed leader in the industry and now offers a stunning variety of winches for every vehicle and requirement

    Super Winch now offers remote controlled winches to help you get back on the road faster

    Superior materials and workmanship help Super Winch design a light and durable product that's virtually indestructible

    On a cold, dark and snowy night, a truck slid on the ice and spun off the road into a ditch. For any other truck or SUV owner, an accident like this would mean the start of a very long and cold night trudging through the snow to find the nearest phone to call a tow truck. But your night won't end like this because you chose to install the best winch on the market, a Superwinch, and were able to pull your truck out of that ditch and get back on to the road. But a great winch isn't just for safety for you and your family on a cold and icy night. A Superwinch for your truck, SUV or Jeep, means you have the power for any heavy duty activity from rescue work to boating, off-roading and racing. Superwinch has proven itself as the leader in winches for the past three decades continuously turning out quality products to meet a wide variety of heavy duty needs and uses. With winches ranging in capability from 1,000 pounds to 3,000 pounds, no job is too large or too small for a Superwinch. We also carry the full array of Superwinch accessories including pulley blocks, straps and gearboxes to ensure maximum performance and unparalleled safety from your winch system. Let us help you get the power you need for your rig to make the world your playground. For safety, for performance, for a name you can trust, turn to Superwinch for your Jeep, truck or SUV.

    Increase the scope of what you can do in your free time by adding a Superwinch T1500 to your recreation gear. Designed for the travel trailer, small boat and quad market, the Superwinch T1500 has countless applications for loads of 1,500 pounds and under, the perfect size for the weekend warrior. If you've struggled in the past to pull your boat onto the trailer or roll your RV to your truck, stop torturing your back and shoulders and get the easy to install Superwinch T1500. It's perfect for smaller recreational uses common for typical homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. The Superwinch T1500 has a small, durable and lightweight construction. It can stand up to continuous outdoor use so you have the freedom to mount it in the most convenient place for your needs whether that's on your garage door, the driveway itself or your RV or boat trailer. The Superwinch T1500 weighs in at about 12 pounds so it's easy to install on your own without any special equipment and is light enough to take with you when you head out into the wilderness. The Superwinch T1500 also comes standard with a more than 25-foot wire rope, long enough for the basic recreational use or to pull your boat or trailer up a long driveway. Take your outdoor recreation interests to the next level and stop wasting your time and breaking your back. Get a Superwinch T1500 today. We guarantee shipment and the quality of our products so don't delay. Rev up your enjoyment of the great outdoors with a Superwinch T1500.