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Suspension Kit

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No road is bumpy when your vehicle's equipped with a topnotch suspension system. Yes, the suspension system is responsible for providing you with safety and comfort despite road irregularities. To give you that comfort during the ride, the suspension system maintains correct vehicle ride height, controls the vehicle's direction of travel, reduces the impact of shock forces, support the vehicle's weight, and maintain correct wheel alignment. The vehicle, when in motion, is not just about turning wheels; it also continues to adjust and compensate for the road irregularities such as humps. To boost the performance of your suspension system, available at Carparts is the best suspension kit for your vehicle. Whether you are an off-road enthusiast who prefers a suspension kit that can handle the rigors of rugged driving or a highway driver who wants a suspension kit that offers smooth handling, we have just what you need.

• Our suspension kits are designed to enhance hassle-free suspension and steering.

• For better drive stability despite harsh road condition, it's best for you to opt for a topnotch suspension kit.

• Easy installation is guaranteed, with each suspension kit's set of instructions.

Suspension Kit Articles

  • DIY Installation Instructions: Car Suspension Kit

    The suspension technology has been used in various transport vehicles for hundreds of years. Even during the time when horse carriages used to roam the roads, suspension components were already applied to minimize vibrations and bounce caused by bumpy roads. In modern cars, suspension components are more advanced and more efficient. To deliver optimum support to the vehicle, recent suspension assemblies are composed of several parts. These parts are often sold in kits. If you are familiar with each suspension piece, you can install the kit by yourself; it is more convenient and more affordable.

    Required skill level: Expert

    Tools and materials you'll need:

    1. Car jack
    2. Jack stands
    3. Lug wrench
    4. Impact wrench
    5. Hammer
    6. Springs
    7. Bushings
    8. Replacement nuts and bolts

    Getting ready

    It's important to wear your most comfortable working clothes because you might need to move around a lot during the procedure. Use rubber or wool gloves to protect your hands form dirt, grease, and oil. Always disconnect the negative cable from the battery before every procedure to avoid getting electrocuted.

    Raising the vehicle

    Jack up the car as high as you can so you can get more space when working underneath the vehicle. Place the jack stands under the vehicle's main body frame. See to it that the frame is lying firmly on the stand before you lower the car jack.

    Installing the new springs and brackets

    On each wheel, you have to take out the lower shock mounting stud. Place the nuts in a place where you can easily find them. Remove the shock from its mount carefully. Avoid exerting too much force so you won't break the mount. The shock comes off instantly in some vehicles but if when it doesn't, you may use a hammer. Slightly hit the shock and mount connection to separate the two. Loosen the studs that hold the leaf-spring mount to the frame, then remove the U-bolt after. Install the spring and brackets, and don't forget to put the bushings. Reinstall the leaf springs and the U-bolts.

    Mounting the shock

    Connect the shock to the lower mounting point. Use the wrench to tighten the nuts and bolts. You can put back the wheels after installing the suspension components. Lower the car after.

    Testing the newly-installed suspension kit

    You may opt to take the car to a repair shop, and let a mechanic check the alignment of the vehicle's suspension bars and wheels. Drive the car at low speed to try out the new suspension.