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Suspension Mount

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If your car rattles from start till stop, then it may be time to trade it in for a cleaner and greener one. Or is it? That clunking sound from the suspension may just be a worn out suspension mount. All your long-time friend may need is a replacement mount. You may think otherwise, but a worn-out suspension mount can stir quite a commotion even at low speeds.Turning the steering wheel while parked can also cause the same, annoying sounds. That's metal against metal you're hearing. Ideally, this mount has a layer of thick rubber to provide a soft cushion for your car's suspension struts.However, time can harden the rubber and make it brittle. Changing struts may jar the mount loose and eventually crush the rubber. That's why suspension mount failure is often discovered after changing to new struts.If you're encountering the same problem, have the mount checked and replaced accordingly. Carparts has mounts in stock for all vehicle makes and models.

• A suspension mount provides cushion between strut and suspension tower.

• Our mounts are designed to absorbs impact and lessen noise.

• Our suspension mounts last longer than stock.