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Suzuki Aerio Parts and Suzuki Aerio Accessories

The Suzuki Aerio enjoyed a production run of 6 years, and was intended to be the Corolla-beater. While it never did match the Corolla, pound for pound, the Aerio was a very capable and dependable compact car on its own. In fact, it had two advantages over the Corolla: extremely spacious cabin space and available four-wheel drive. These options were a rarity among compacts--after all, they are called compacts for a very good reason--but the Aerio pulled them of excellently. Many detractors would say that the Aerio was a farcry from the Corolla, but her supporters know a secret: it's a pretty fine automobile.

Options abounded for those interested in the Suzuki Aerio. You could get it as a four-door sedan or an extra spacious five-door hatchback--that last one maximizing an already impressive interior space! If that still wasn't enough, you could opt for full 5-speed manual transmission or 4-speed automatic--with automatic came the option for four-wheel drive. If fuel economy was your concern, you had two capable engines to choose from too. In that sense, it did manage to one-up the Corolla which was limited to just the sedan. The beauty of the Aerio was that it served as both a transition model for Suzuki as well as a contender in its own right!

While the Suzuki Aerio has been out of production for the past 5 years, it is still a very popular choice for those who smartly recognise that it is a simple balance of affordability and adequate performance. It won't bowl you over, but it gets the job done--taking you from point A to point B without any hitches. Plus, there are so many great Suzuki Aerio parts and accessories in the market today that owners do not have to ever worry about their economical car ever becoming irrelevant. From top to bottom, front to back, and for every system, there is a part for every component that needs replacing!