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Suzuki Esteem Parts and Suzuki Esteem Accessories

Remarkable Facts About the Suzuki Esteem

  • The Suzuki Esteem has been frequenting movies and TV series since 1992. Some of the most popular movies it appeared in include Framed, The Wash, Deadly Impact, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Awake, Hulk, and Knight and Day. On the other hand, some of the TV series that featured the Suzuki Esteem include Bones, Brothers and Sisters, and Dirty Sexy Money. The Esteem has been a good choice for its sleek yet functional stance.

  • Ranked as the tenth most economical four-door sedan by Car and Driver magazine, the Suzuki Esteem 1.8GLX Sport has been reviewed by Car and Driver and described it as "A zircon in the rough." It was praised for its semi-strong motor, go-kart handling in the twisties, and sophisticated interior fabric.

  • Did you know that the Suzuki Esteem is one of the top stolen cars in the US? With an average of 70 cars stolen per year within 16 consecutive years, the Esteem places second to the Swift among the stolen vehicles in the Suzuki lineup. However, the Insurance Bureau of Canada says that the 2002 Suzuki Esteem Wagon is one of the cars in Canada that are least likely to be stolen. Despite these statistics, vehicle theft in Canada has been on a decline since 2010.

  • Aside from entering the film and TV industries, the Suzuki Esteem is also considered as one of the common choices when buying used cars. The Esteem models years 1999-2002 are the ones specifically mentioned by Mr. Money Mustache, a financial blog which also offers automobile recommendations. Fuel economy and passenger or cargo space are the two major factors considered in Mr. Money Mustache's reviews.

  • The Suzuki Esteem was sold internationally under different brands. One of these labels is the Suzuki Cultus Crescent, which was later renamed to Suzuki Cultus. As Suzuki's first entry in the compact car segment, the Cultus was introduced in two trim levels: a three-door hatchback and a four-door sedan. By 2001, a replacement for the Esteem was introduced, the Suzuki Aerio.

  • Back in 1996, Suzuki placed its confidence on its three-vehicle line to give them a 20 percent year-to-year growth. These models include the X-90, the Esteem, and the Sidekick. The 1996 Esteem GLX, being the most competitive automobile class possible due to its subcompact built, was considered as a great go-to-work car by writers of The Auto Channel, an automobile blog.

Suzuki Esteem Articles

  • Issues with the Suzuki Esteem

    As the Swift's bigger brother, the Suzuki Esteem boasts its European-inspired shape. The interesting development of the Esteem's available power options made it a decent competitor among the subcompact category. Aside from its design, the Esteem had good maneuverability, cargo room (for the wagon type), and fuel economy. Since there's a lot to look forward to in an Esteem, it's equally important to know the problems that users encounter with it.


    Esteem users have experienced only a few problems with the vehicle. Built using only high-quality materials, the Esteem had minor problems to be taken note of. Before getting a unit, be sure to check out these few setbacks first:

    One of these concerns involved the car's electrical system. Approximately 9,731 units in Canada have been subjected to recall in 1998. Some of the Suzuki Esteem accessories have been found to be defective, including the Suzuki accessory engine block heater. Units affected are the 1995-1998 model years.

    Vehicles equipped with the heater may experience an excessively hot silicone connector plug or electrical extension cord. Material degradation and an electrical short circuit are some of the potential results when the plug and cord is allowed to be in a prolonged high temperature condition. Moreover, experiencing a short circuit with combustible materials nearby may end up in an engine compartment fire.

    In 2003, the NTHSA issued a recall affecting an approximate of 5,319 units. This is due to the Esteem's improperly installed windshield. On some 2002 Esteem units, the windshield may not be secured firmly to the vehicle as a result of insufficient adhesion between the surfaces in contact. The adhesive between the paint applied during the painting process' second stage and the paint applied during the final stage may not be enough to hold the windshield in place.

    One of the potential dangers of having a loose windshield is that it may separate from the vehicle during collision, resulting in the unbelted passengers getting thrown out of the windshield. This puts the lives of the passengers at risk of severe injury or even death.

    Other concerns

    Some of the users have also complained of hearing a squeaking noise from the top of the steering gear. This is usually an outcome of the friction between the steering pinion shaft and its seal. One way to remedy this problem is to remove and reinstall the pinion seal. The key is to apply a multipurpose wheel bearing grease during the reinstallation of the seal.