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Suzuki Forenza Parts and Suzuki Forenza Accessories

Suzuki Forenza Fun Facts

  • The Suzuki Forenza has a lot of other names. It was called, Suzuki Reno, Buick Excelle, Buick Excelle HRV, Chevrolet Lacetti, Chevrolet Nubira, Chevrolet Optra, Daewoo Lacetti, and Holden Viva. Basically, hearing any of these names would only refer to the one and same vehicle. But, it was commonly known as Forenza and Reno in the American market.

  • The Suzuki Forenza came as a four-door sedan, five-door station wagon, or a five-door hatchback. Either way, it still provided the great comfort that the driver and passengers deserve to have during long road trips to the mountains or their usual getaway. The hatchback is designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, whereas the station wagon and sedan by Pininfarina; these were launched in 2002. The hatchback is also commonly known as Lacetti-5 in the Korean market and was launched in America in the summer of 2003.

  • The Forenza isn't only seen being driven on the streets. It also had several cameos on different movies and shows such as One Tree Hill, CSI: Miami, The Hit List, and Yes Man to name a few.

  • There was a rumor back in November 2012 that claimed that Suzuki could possibly disappear from the American market due to low inventory. But the news isn't final yet because there could be a turnaround on the sales, and that could take the car company out of bankruptcy.

  • The Chevrolet Lacetti saloon (the other name of Forenza) was used for the Star in a reasonably priced car, a segment on BBC's Top Gear TV show since the start of the spring season in 2006. On the May 14, 2006 episode, it was noted by Jeremy Clarkson that this vehicle was livelier in the Top Gear track as compared to the Suzuki Liana.

  • Since 2005, the European Lacetti is used as a base for race cars that would compete in the WTCC touring car competition. In the spring of that year, Chevrolet also launched the first few photos of a street legal concept that was based on the sports cars from the championship. The company named the concept vehicle Lacetti WTTC R+.

Suzuki Forenza Parts

Suzuki Forenza Articles

  • Suzuki Forenza Common Issues

    The Suzuki Forenza is a car that has different names, which makes it very interesting. It's a great vehicle that every owner has surely come to love. But, it's quite inevitable even for this amazing car to experience troubles, especially when proper upkeep is not done. Here are some of the common issues that the Suzuki Forenza experiences for the benefit of the owners of this vehicle out there.

    Engine turnover problem

    A car engine that won't turn over is a horrible problem and it's a good chance that repair will be needed to get this fixed. There are several reasons why this happens and these include, a dead or drained battery, but this doesn't mean that a new one must be purchased. Make sure that the headlights or any other electrical connections are off before getting out of the vehicle because this will surely drain the battery if left for a long time. Another reason why the engine won't turn over can be because of faulty cables that connect the battery to the starter. If these are corroded, these must be cleaned out. However, if that doesn't solve the issue, then replacing them with new ones may be necessary.

    Engine lamp issue

    Another issue can be when the check engine light suddenly goes on, even though everything in the system is working fine. There was a report done by the Lemon Law Claims that confirmed that this happens with the Suzuki Forenza. Take note that a check engine light that goes on indicates that the oil pressure is low or there's a leak. Have this problem diagnosed by a professional mechanic.

    Water pump dilemma

    A water pump problem is a common issue, especially with the 2005 Suzuki Forenza. This can result to overheating. It can be expensive to get the water pump replaced, but it's better than fixing worse issues that can cost even more than the pump.

    Timing belt problem

    Engine failure is a common problem among vehicles, and the Suzuki Forenza is not an exception to that. Specifically with the 2005 model, a report shows that drivers have to frequently change the timing belt. A damaged one can end up in engine failure, which is worse. The best thing to do is to visit a professional mechanic to get expert advice on this issue.