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Suzuki Forsa Parts and Suzuki Forsa Accessories

Is 4 years enough time to make a difference? The Suzuki Forsa seems to think so--enjoying a successful, if all too short, run in the United States. While it may perplex some that any car could be so short lived, the truth was that--by the time it reached the US in 1985--it had already enjoyed considerable success in the Japanese market. Tagged as a supermini, the Forsa was designed primarily to navigate the tight streets of Tokyo. It was actually first shipped to Hawaii, where it found the same kind of situation it first excelled in--smaller islands and tighter cities. It was popular in the mainland as well, however, because it was simple and very affordable.

With a smaller 1.0-L engine, one might say that the Suzuki Forsa seems a tad underpowered. Considering its size and lightweight frame, that engine is actually the perfect size to give good power output and performance while keeping expenses at the absolute minimum! It wasn't much of a slouch either. American consumers got their pick of the base model or one that was turbo-charged. The best thing was that both types of engines were extremely efficient. Sure, the Forsa wouldn't wow anyone, but it got you to where you needed to be--saving a couple of green backs for you as it did.

The Suzuki Forsa remains a car of choice for anyone wanting a simple and efficient vehicle--or someone looking for that "first car" as their building up their career. It's a mix of economy and reliability that keeps it popular in the resale market. There is a lot of support for owners too! Indeed, you will find a lot of top-notch Suzuki Forsa parts out in the market today. You can replace or repair anything from the crankshaft and camshafts in your engine, to the struts and supports of your suspension, to the muffler and converter in your exhaust--plus all the bits in-between as well. The Suzuki Forsa might be old but it certainly isn't forgotten.