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Suzuki Kizashi Parts and Suzuki Kizashi Accessories

Billed as the "Auto Industry's Best-Kept Secret", the Suzuki Kizashi is a rare thing among automobilesa reasonably priced mid-sized sedan. The name itself is a clue to just how much the Japanese auto manufacturer is banking on the vehicleit means "something great is coming"and what an impressive forerunner the Kizashi is proving to be. On the outside, the already looks the part of a great ride. It curves smoothly: front to back, top to bottom, and all around. The front grille is a study in elegant simplicity. All in all, it just looks like something you can reasonably expect to be fast.

As a standard, the Suzuki Kizashi comes with front-wheel drive and a hefty 2.4-L 4-cylinder engine capable of 185 horsepower and 170 lbs-ft of torque. You had your pick of either a 6-speed manual or continuous variable transmission. Take all of that together, and you get speed, endurance, and economyeverything being at a "just-right" level. Sure, it didn't quite get your heart racing like a full-bodied Ferrari or Lamborghini would, but can everyone truly afford either of those? So, true, you wouldn't be bowled over, but this ride will certainly earn your utmost respect and admiration.

The Suzuki Kizashi continues its run to this day with the 2013 updatea bevy of safety features, improved suspension and intelligent all-wheel drive (for the sports variants), and a slightly improved engine. Because it is still such a hit in the market today, you can find a lot of great Suzuki Kizashi parts and accessories being manufactured and sold by some of the best and most trusted brand names in the industry. Anything that you can think to do to and for your engine, your air conditioning, your exhaust, even your Kizashi's bodythere is a part out there in the market for it! This almost certainly guarantees that the amazing Suzuki Kizashi will be around for a long time to come.