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Suzuki Samurai Parts and Suzuki Samurai Accessories

If they named it after the most revered icon of its originating country's past, then the Suzuki Samurai must be something truly special, right? The Samurai was a strange bird. Billed as an SUV, it seemed more like a jeep trying to be a pickup and convertible all at onceand that's why it worked out so well. When it came out in 1985, it became very popular with the 4WD community in the United States who sang praises of it great off-road performance and reliabilityespecially when pitted against the other 4WDs out at the time. That's no mean feat in a community that is difficult to please.

The beauty of the Suzuki Samurai lay in two things: it was compact and it was light. This lightness gave it the ability to weave effortlessly off-road with no chance of sinking in soft ground like other full-bodied and heavier SUVs would. With an equally simple design coupled with easy engine and suspension modification options, the Samurai was also the perfect starter ride for beginner off-roaders. Its 1.3-L, 63 horsepower, 4-cylinder engine might not seem impressive all on its own, but given the Samurai's lightweightthis was a powerhouse that was fuel-economical too!

Though the Suzuki Samurai stopped rolling off the assembly lines in 1995, it still is very popular among off-roaders and so-called "ruggeds on a budget". Second hand models go for the cheap, and the Samurai still performs as ably off road as it did over two decades ago! As a nod to a great ride, many manufacturers continue to churn out a lot of top-quality Suzuki Samurai parts and accessories. You can do anything from convert your Samurai from soft-top to hard-top and back again. Overhaul the engine, retool the air conditioning, and calibrate the exhaustthose are all still possible today!