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Suzuki Sidekick Soft Top

Helpful Tips in Cleaning and Maintaining the Integrity of Your Suzuki Sidekick Soft Top

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy a convertible. It allows you to drive without worrying about blind spots. It is fun to drive and sports a deadly combination of beauty, elegance, and performance. But then, there are also lots of reasons why you shouldn't get one. Owning a convertible, for one, entails huge responsibility as some of its components require special care and maintenance. The soft top is one of them. Since the materials making up a soft top are usually delicate, cleaning it isn't as easy as washing a hardtop.

Below are a few tips on how to take good care of your Suzuki Sidekick soft top:

  • Regularly wash the soft top.

If you frequently drive with the soft top on, it is a good idea to give it a good wash at least once a month. Rinsing with cool water can do wonders on soft tops that aren't that dirty. But if the filth on your top requires so much more than simple rinsing, then you will need the help of a soft top cleaner as well as a brush with soft bristles that you could use in scrubbing off stubborn dirt.

  • Use the right cleaner and cleaning method.

When using a shampoo or soft top cleaner, choose a product that's friendly on the soft top material. It's wise to go for a cleaner with biodegradable formula.

The cleaning method you'll use is equally important in maintaining the appearance and efficiency of your soft top. Before washing, check first the washing and drying instructions that come with your soft top and stick to that.

  • Periodically apply soft top protectant.

Maintenance of your Suzuki Sidekick soft top should always include application of protectants that can prevent hazardous elements from sticking and inflicting damage into the soft top material. It is also wise to apply the protectant on a regular interval. Depending on the material your soft top is made of, you should put on protectant every 30 to 90 days.

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  • Important Tips to Keep in Mind when Installing Your Suzuki Sidekick Soft Top

    No matter how keen you are in cleaning and maintaining your Suzuki Sidekick soft top, all your efforts could go to waste if you aren't careful enough in installing it. You see, improper handling and careless installation can inflict damage unto the soft top material, leaving it unfit for use in your convertible. If you don't want to render your Sidekick soft top useless, you'd better remember these tips on how to properly put the soft top in place:

    Tip #1: Understand and follow the installation instructions that come with your soft top.

    Your manual usually contains instructions on how to properly install the soft top in place. While there are general instructions online, it's still best to follow your manual as the steps written in there are tailored specifically to the specifications of your Sidekick.

    Tip #2: Ask someone to assist you in installing the soft top.

    Even if the installation instructions aren't complicated, it always pays to have someone help you in putting the soft top on. If you have a buddy, it will be a lot easier for you to stretch the soft top over the space it is supposed to cover. You can also secure all its edges without having to go to and pro to be sure that the other edge isn't dislodged or creased as you adjust the fitting on the other side.

    Tip #3: Carry out the installation on a sunny day.

    You may not hear it before, but the temperature does affect the material of the soft top you are about to install. It will generally be easier for you to put on the soft top on a hot day or if the temperature is more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because some soft top materials become more pliable, and thus more manageable at higher temperatures, making them easier to install.

    If your soft top seems a bit wrinkled after installation, don't worry. Just give it sometime, and its material will adjust and become more relaxed a few days after being installed. Before you know it, the creases will no longer be visible, and your soft top is now busy warding off elements that could otherwise bring damage into your passenger cabin.