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Suzuki Sidekick Tailgate Handle

Troubleshooting Suzuki Sidekick Tailgate Handle

The Suzuki Sidekick tailgate handle allows you to open and close the tailgate and access the rear of your vehicle easily. If you are having problems with your tailgate handle, if the tailgate doesn't open easily, or if the handle doesn't work at all, there may be a problem within the tailgate handle mechanisms or the link underneath. This is a simple troubleshooting task that can be done by anyone with minimal skills. You too can do it. Here are troubleshooting guides that will come in handy.

Problem removing tailgate handle

First things first, if it's not moving, don't force it. Removing the tailgate handle is easy, but be careful when pulling out the handle. Make sure that you remove all the screws that secure the handle. Remove the plastic trim ring that covers the bolts (or screws). Then remove the bolts from the inside using the right ratchet. Now, pull the tailgate handle out away from the tailgate. There are still plastic clips that connect the handle to the tailgate. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the clips off. You have completely removed the tailgate.

Tailgate doesn't open

Remove the tailgate handle following the process discussed above. Once the tailgate is unbolted, check the mechanisms for problems or the links if disconnected. If it is the mechanism, see if you can repair the problem. Otherwise, replace the handle. Simply reconnect the link if it is disconnected.

Tailgate doesn't close

The problem might be the latch or the link. Remove the tailgate handle and check both of them for problems. If the latch is worn out, you must replace it. If the link can be reconnected, do the necessary repair. Reattach the tailgate handle and test your work.

Tailgate handle works intermittently

The problem could be somewhere between the latch and the mechanism that releases the tailgate, or it could be the tailgate handle itself. Remove the tailgate handle and check for loose connection. Check the latch if it is worn out. Reconnect the disconnected link, if any. Or replace the part that causes the problem.

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  • Suzuki Sidekick Tailgate Handle Cleaning and Maintenance

    How you use your Suzuki Sidekick is upon you, but cleaning and maintaining the Suzuki Sidekick tailgate handle should be a prerogative. Making sure that the tailgate handle of your vehicle is working properly may not yet be a priority. But when the time comes that it fails, you'll realize that you should have cared for it properly. Learn how to take care and maintain the tailgate handle with the tips below:

    Add chrome tailgate handle kit

    A chrome tailgate handle kit not only protects your tailgate door handle from weathering and scratches, it also improves the look of your tailgate. Since buying a chrome handle is expensive and dipping your existing tailgate handle in a bath of chrome is more expensive, installing a chrome tailgate handle kit is the best approach.

    Do not apply car wax

    Car wax doesn't make the plastic tailgate handle shine like the vehicle's body. If anything, it makes the plastic handle dirty and weathered. If you're going to wax the area around the plastic handle, avoid the plastic. If wax gets on the handle, get a wet cloth and wipe the white residue off.

    Replace faulty tailgate handle

    Tailgate handled serve an important purpose. If it is starting to malfunction, you need to replace it right away. In some cases, repair is still possible. Assess the extent of the damage of the handle and decide what action to take.

    Restoration tips

    Apply scratch remover

    Scratches on the tailgate handle are a major pet peeve. The bad news is, no matter how careful you are with your door handle, scratches will appear after a month or so. This is clearly unavoidable. And all you can do is to restore your door handle to its original look using plastic scratch remover. Buy a plastic scratch remover from an online car accessories store.

    Use heat

    Surprisingly, plastics have memory. When applied with correct heat, it will go back to its original form. However, there's a danger that you'll make the plastic brittle when you use too much heat. Do this only of you know exactly what you're doing.