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Suzuki Swift Parts and Suzuki Swift Accessories

The Suzuki Swift represents the latest generation in a long line of subcompacts made by the manufacturing giant out of Japan. It aptly continues the traditional dominance that Suzuki has enjoyed in the small-car niche. Replacing the venerable and well-accepted Cultus, the Swift was aesthetically and technically a much-improved machine. It replaced the odd and awkward curves of its predecessor with something clearly more modern and sleeker. Additionally, the choice to market the Swift exclusively as a hatchback did away with any problems of space that the Cultus was burdened with.

Engine displacements for the Suzuki Swift were limited to just two: a 1.3 or 1.5 liter M15A inline-4 engine. This would be upgraded to a more beefy 1.6-L later on, and many wondered whether it would be powerful enough. It was. In fact, Suzuki even came out with a Sports model based off the 1.6, and this performed remarkably well despite what seemed like a limitation. The excellence of the Swift's performance can be tied, surprisingly enough, to its diminutive size! The engineand here was the genius of it allwas enough to give both fuel economy and more than reasonable performance!

With the current successes of the Suzuki Swift, bolstered by its past performance, it's unlikely that this "little car that could" will fade into memory any time soon. Of course, it certainly helps that a lot of reputable and respected parts manufacturers are still coming out with some quality Suzuki Swift parts and accessories to support and replace any systems that might fall into disrepair over time. So, if you own one of these nimble little rides, rest easy knowing that you are fully covered. Indeed, as far as successors go, the Suzuki Swift is clearly an example set for the right way to do things.