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Suzuki Xl-7 Spare Tire Cover

Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Your Suzuki XL-7 Spare Tire Cover

Getting your SUV stuck in the middle of the road with a flat tire is definitely one of your nightmares as a driver. It takes a lot of time and effort to have your flat tire vulcanized, unless you always bring a spare tire with you. Thanks to your spare tire cover that keeps your spare tire in good condition. If the cover gets torn or worn-out, the tire is at risk of damage as well. We suggest that you take these tips on how to diagnose if your Suzuki XL-7 spare tire cover is still fit for its job:

Cover won't fit on the tire

You recently bought a spare tire cover for your Suzuki XL-7, and upon installation, you realized that it is too small or too big for the tire. Well, it seems like you made a mistake in choosing the right spare tire cover size for your tire. You should know the diameter of your tire to be able to find the right size of the cover. Look at the side of your spare tire and find the code or size that is usually in alpha-numeric symbols. They are your tire and rim sizes. Ask the manufacturer to replace your spare tire cover with the one that is based on the details you found on your tire.

Tire cover falls off

So you are worried that your spare tire doesn't get much protection because the cover almost always falls off? Check it for signs of wear and tear that might be causing it to get misplaced from the tire. A quick fix could be done by installing locking security grommets or a heavy-duty locking zip tie to ensure that your spare tire cover will stay in place. But if your current spare tire cover is already worn-out, you can buy a new one that comes with those features. With a new spare tire cover, you are sure that your spare tire will be in its best condition once the need to replace your tire arises.

Torn spare tire cover

If your spare tire cover is obviously old and wrecked that you can see your tire from the outside, then do not hesitate to buy a replacement. We do not recommend that you keep it since it will compromise your tire's condition. Debris and water could get in your spare tire and cause it to wear out. Take time to clean your spare tire cover to keep it from wearing out.

  • Three Easy Tips to Maintain Your Suzuki Xl-7 Spare Tire Cover

    Did you know that by simply keeping your spare tire cover clean, you are actually extending the service life of your spare tire? This protective accessory keeps the tire from being exposed to all kinds of damaging factors, such as dirt and various weather conditions. So when the time comes that you get a flat tire and you need to replace it, you are sure to have one that is in good-if not the best-condition. Now that you know, here are some tips that could help you maintain your Suzuki XL-7 spare tire cover in tip-top shape:

    Wash it properly.

    When you wash your SUV, then that is also the best time to wash your spare tire cover. Remove it and just use water and a mild cleanser and scrub all the dirt off carefully to avoid tearing it. Some people wash theirs by putting them in a washing machine. However, we do not recommend that you do so. Not all spare tire covers are made from materials that could be machine-washed. By simply scrubbing it using a non-abrasive cloth, you can already get rid of the dirt that has accumulated in it. You can also clean the spare tire once in a while to keep it free from trapped dirt.

    Check for signs of wear and tear.

    While you're at it, take time to check if your spare tire cover has any torn portions or if the grommets are still secured. A worn-out cover could fall off from your SUV, leaving your tire exposed to damaging factors. Replace it immediately with a new one to ensure that your tire is protected from weather damage. Replacement parts that are inexpensive but durable are readily available in any auto parts store, so don't hesitate to buy one for your SUV.

    Keep it in a dry place when not in use.

    If you don't need to bring a spare tire with you (which is not really advisable), then you should keep your spare tire cover in a cool, dry place to ensure that it will still be in good condition when you use it again. You can also wash it once in a while to extend its service life.