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For the ease and comfort of driving you crave for and deserve, pretty much anything and everything should be controlled with just a flick of a switch. Located just right by the steering wheel is a trusty assembly of switches to help you as you drive along down the road. A switch assembly is there so you won't ever need to fumble around with one hand while you have the other on the steering wheel as you search for a switch or button to turn on or off a host of specific car features. Strategically placed so you won't have to reach out into awkward places, a switch assembly gives the driver for total control over car functions such as the car's cruise control, its hazard lights, high and low beam dimmer as well as turn signal lights and the car's windshield wiper. When in need of a switch assembly replacement, just browse through CarParts to find the switch assembly that's a perfect match for your car. We'll send it to you at an affordable rate so that you can have your switch assembly installed into your car right away. And with that, you'll have no other worries but the road up ahead.