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Off-roads are not the places you wish to take your slick convertibles, not if you have a utility rig. Problem is, even trucks these days are lavishly ornamented and finished on the facade. You'd surely be willing to tow and trail anywhere but the unpaved back-country streets. But there's always a room for improvement, like adding protective accessories to reinforce the area. Doing so, you will not just improve the range of your vehicle's functionality but even add a tinge of muscles on its front-most. And for this, the T&H products are on the top of the list.

Backed with years of manufacturing experience and an army of experts, T&H manufactures top quality truck and sports utility vehicles' accessories. One of its prides is the T&H bull bar mounting kit that allows you to install protective bars right on the vehicle frame securely. These mounts are made from high-grade metal materials that undergone heat treatment for superior strengthening. Machined to match standard and replacement bull bars, as well as pre-drilled holes on the vehicle, these mounts securely lock bumper guards or bull bars in place.

Made to fit, T&H products will require very little knowledge in automotive technicalities. Armed with the vehicle manual and a keen eye on the details of the vehicle, especially on the installation areas, will suffice. Hand tools like screw drivers, either manual or electronic, and help are preferred but not requirements. Through all these, carefulness in driving the mounts home is necessary. Over tightening or the lack of the accurate force to do so will surely render the accessory futile. Worst, it can be the start of its early wear.