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Tail Light Assembly

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Tail Light Assembly: Illuminate Your Vehicle for a Safer Ride

The tail light assembly of your vehicle is one of the mandated automotive lights by the federal law. It has to be working properly every time you're driving on the road. Otherwise, you could end up with a violation ticket if a highway patrol officer notices your faulty tail light assembly. Don't wait for this moment to happen. When you already notice that your vehicle's tail light assembly is acting up, check it immediately. If it already needs to be replaced, use this quick installation guide that can help you out.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers

  • New tail light assembly
  • Preparing the tail light area for the task

    Open the trunk cover or lower the tail gate of your vehicle before removing the old tail light assembly. Locate the mounting screws and bolts of the tail light assembly and remove them. Detach the wires carefully before pulling the entire assembly from your vehicle.

    Fitting the new tail assembly

    Take your new tail light assembly and fit it slowly on the mount. Make sure the tail light assembly fits along the edges of the mount smoothly. When the tail light assembly fits perfectly, remove it from the mount to connect the wires.

    Connecting the wires

    Connect the wires of the new tail light assembly firmly so they will not loosen or detach. Check the position of the wires when you're placing the tail light assembly back so they will not bend or kink.

    Checking the lights from the new tail light assembly

    Check the lights of the tail light assembly by switching your car on, but don't start the engine. Use the tail light switch lever and the brake pedal and observe if the lights are responding correctly.

    Screwing the tail light assembly in place

    Take the bolts and screws you have removed earlier and screw them back in place. Tighten them so the tail light assembly sits properly on the mount and it won't move or shake. Close the trunk lid or the tail gate of your car once you're done.

    Additional tip

    • Perform a final test drive with the new tail light assembly before driving on the highway. Ask someone that can help observe the lights from behind your vehicle.

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    • Spyder vs. Anzo: The Comparison between the Two Big Names in Automotive Tail lights

      Two of the leading tail lights manufacturers today, Spyder and EBC, offer high-quality and top-of-the-line performance products. However, both brands claim to offer the better product than their stiff competition. If you're having a hard time choosing the better tail lights that would give your vehicle style and will save some of your budget, here's a quick guide that can help you decide.

      Product range

      Both Spyder and Anzo brands produce tail lights for almost all car make and models from Acura Integra to Volkswagen Beetle. Aside from that, they also design Euro-style and LED lights in red, chrome, and black finishes, which can give your car an edgier and stylish look. Although Spyder and Anzo have Halo, LED, and Projection lighting methods, only Anzo has Halogen and CCFL or cold cathode methods, which is a slight advantage.

      WINNER: Anzo


      Now that we have compared the range of their products, it's now time to see who can really provide the better performance. We have tested Spyder's chrome LED tail lights and Anzo's smoke LED tail lights on the 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty. We weren't surprised to know that both tail lights provided adequate lighting in the morning, and they did the same good performance at night. The lights were very visible even at the far distance of 1,000 feet.

      WINNER: Spyder and Anzo


      The Spyder tail lights we're sold at a more affordable price of $53.02 compared to the Anzo tail lights that costs $62.08. Although both these prices are relatively expensive, the Spyder tail lights comes at a cheaper price which is already a good deal considering its unique style and high quality.

      WINNER: Spyder


      The tail lights of Anzo have a one-year limited warranty period, while the Spyder tail lights only have a 30-day warranty.


      The verdict

      There's no doubt that both Spyder and Anzo tail lights provide the best performance tail lights in the market today. The outstanding design of their tail lights is also a cut above the rest. However, it all comes down to the price and the warranty you have to carefully consider since the two brands have their own disadvantages.