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Tail Light Covers Articles

  • Quick and Easy Tail Light Cover Installation

    Tail light covers give tail lights protection against damaging rocks, twigs, and other debris. Other than that, these look good because of the various designs and finishes to choose from. Installation of tail light covers on your car is also a great springboard for anybody starting out on DIY projects. One doesn't need to be an expert to be able to tackle the straightforward steps of the job. Read this guide on how to install tail light covers for your car.

    Required skill level: Novice

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Screwdriver set
    2. Socket wrench set
    3. Drill set
    4. Tail light cover kit

    Setting up and inspecting the car

    Park your car in a covered and dry area. This is necessary to prevent dirt and water from staining the lights assembly. Turn off the engine and disconnect the battery.

    Gathering the necessary tools and hardware

    Get all the tools and hardware needed for the installation. Depending on how the lights assembly is secured, a socket set, screwdriver set, or both may be called for. Check the contents of the tail light cover kit and make sure its contents are complete.

    Preparing the tail light assembly

    Work on one side at a time. Place the cover over the lens to test if it will fit. Make sure it doesn't get in the way of the tailgate. If the cover needs to be drilled on, make marks on the car based on the holes of cover's brackets. Drill through these marks. If the cover is a clip-on style, the lights have to be removed. Open the tailgate of the car and locate the screws or bolts holding the assembly in place. Use the appropriate tool to remove these. Slightly pull the assembly out

    Installing the cover

    For drilled-on covers, secure it on with screws supplied with the kit. For clipped covers, simply attach it on over the lens. Be careful not to damage or crack the lens during installation.

    Finishing the job

    Carefully return the assembly to the car by doing the reverse of the removal. Make sure the paint is not scratched or chipped during this step. Repeat the whole process for the other assembly. Reconnect the battery.