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Tailgate Cable

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If you can't rely on your truck's tailgate to bear the weight of a heavy load, then you can't really use your vehicle as a truck. Some truck owners think that landing ramps on the tailgate and loading up heavy equipment will break it.That's not necessarily so, especially if you've got a heavy-duty tailgate cable. Its job is to support the tailgate, no matter how heavy the equipment or cargo you're pushing up the ramps.Otherwise, you'd have to think twice before transporting heavy stuff. There have been cases where tailgates were unable to support the weight being loaded. The tailgate reportedly collapsed, bringing the load or cargo along with it. That would really hurt, especially if it's an expensive piece of equipment you're hauling.A tailgate cable should make sure things don't come crashing down on you. Carparts can help you find the perfect cable for your vehicle.

• Our premium tailgate cables keep the tailgate up even under heavy loads.

• Tailgate cables prevent tailgate sagging.

• Our tailgate cables are easy to install.