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Tailgate Latch

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Safety should be every driver's top concern. To prevent mishaps, one of the most important precautions you can take is making sure all the doors of your car are completely locked. If you own a pickup truck, you also have to make sure that the tailgate latch is working perfectly.The latch has an indispensable function: to keep the tailgate in an upright position while you drive and keep the truck bed's contents from falling. The tailgate usually comes with two latches, one each for the tailgate's right and left sides. These latches sufficiently prevent the tailgate from unexpectedly lowering while you're on the road.It's not just your cargo at stake if the tailgate latch breaks. Passengers in the truck's cargo bed are at risk as well. Once you feel looseness while opening or closing the tailgate, inspect the latch for damage and replace it when necessary.Don't wait for a tragic accident to happen before doing the right thing. Carparts offers tailgate latches for all makes and models.

• Tailgate latches from our store outlast OE counterparts.

• We have latches for different car makes and models for easy installation.

• In-stock tailgate latches are made only from durable materials.