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Tailgate Lock

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Your car's tailgate functions pretty much like the rest of the car doors. The only difference is that the tailgate's mostly a lot larger and heavier. Because of its weight, the tailgate lock may fail much sooner than the car doors' locks. Blame it on excessive force upon closing, or misalignment in the factory, the fact remains that a broken lock is both dangerous and costly.Not only will cargo be in danger of falling out the cargo bed, passengers in the bed are also at risk of injury. With a broken tailgate lock, the tailgate could suddenly open at high speeds and your passengers may fall out.If you discover that your truck's tailgate is easier to open than usual, or you're starting to have difficulty securing the lock in place, suspect lock failure. If you do decide to replace it, make sure it's aligned properly with the tailgate latch to prevent early wear and tear. You can find durable replacement tailgate locks at our catalogs at Carparts.

• Keeps the tailgate latch securely fastened

• Helps contain cargo in the truck bed

• Fits a wide variety of stock tailgate latches