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Crimp Tool by Taylor Cable

There are different tools that can be used in repairing or replacing the parts and accessories of your vehicle. As all of them have specific functions, each is designated for a specific auto part. So when it comes to mending the ignition system, some basic tools are also required. The crimp tool is just one of them. With the numerous brands that offer specially-designed crimp tools, one name leads the way-Taylor Cable. The Taylor Cable crimp tool is a preferred crimping device by many particularly those who are meticulous when it comes to their vehicles.

Actually, crimp tools are just like pliers. They are intended for cutting and stripping the ignition wires as well as for crimping the insulated and non-insulated terminals. This is done when servicing the electrical system. Crimping, in particular, is a term used when creating corrugations between two skinny metal parts as they are pressed tightly together. Most of the time, it is used in connecting the fittings to the end of an electrical wire. This is done to get away from soldering. For it to appropriately fasten the fittings to the end of an electrical wire, the wire crimp tool is designed with serrated jaws.

The Taylor Cable crimp tool has the ability to strip and crimp wire and to cut insulations without damaging the conductor. Aside from that, it can thoroughly crimp terminals with use of a bench vise. All these and more makes Taylor Cable the leader not just in providing quality crimp tools but also in manufacturing various auto parts essential in the proper performance of your car's ignition system and electrical system. If your vehicle's ignition system needs replacement parts, opt for Taylor Cable. Invest in the Taylor Cable crimp tool. With it, you are provided with the best way to crimp wires without any hassle.

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