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Distributor Rotor by Taylor Cable

When it comes to aftermarket parts, Taylor Cable is the brand that you can trust. For more than 80 years in the automotive industry, Taylor Cable has been actively manufacturing ignition parts for different driving situations such as driving on the street or on a race. True to its commitment to quality, the company has never failed its clients in terms of their product's reliability and superb performance. In fact, every Taylor Cable ignition part is tested thoroughly to ensure their functionality even when driving under harsh driving conditions. This includes the Taylor Cable distributor rotor.

The Taylor Cable distributor rotor is designed to fit snugly at the end of the shaft. When properly fitted, this component performs its task efficiently. It needs to route the high voltage to the different spark plugs in the correct firing order. The distributor rotor, along with the distributor cap, allows the ignition spark to travel from the spark plug coil to the spark plugs at the right timing. Its outer edges allow the voltage to travel through the carbon point to the other edge of the rotor and it spins as the camshaft rotates. With all of this exposure to heat, electricity, and movement, the rotor gets easily worn out. It's always a good idea to replace it with the Taylor Cable distributor rotor. It is a good conductor for electricity that allows greater spark and it doesn't easily get deformed even if there's too much movement.

Getting the Taylor Cable distributor rotor is the right choice if you want to attain the highest possible output from your distributor. It enhances your vehicle's ignition system and maximizes the voltage that's transferred to the spark plugs. So when you need to replace your worn out distributor rotor, you will never go wrong if you buy from Taylor Cable. Apart from the distributor rotor, you might also want to get other Taylor Cable parts available at our site. You can get the best possible deal when you shop for Taylor Cable products at Inner Auto Parts.

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