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Ignition Coil Wire by Taylor Cable

Proper engine starting is very important for you to get on the road smoothly. To achieve this, your vehicle must be equipped with quality and reliable ignition parts. The same goes for replacement parts. Quality and reliability absolutely matter. So when you need authentic ignition parts like the ignition coil wire, it is best to opt for the Taylor Cable ignition coil wire. This is just one of the Taylor Cable products that guarantee great ignition performance and durability.

The ignition coil wire is the high tension wire that goes from the coil down to the spark plug or the distributor. It is properly insulated, such that the voltage it harnesses does not jump from loop to loop. Since this wire plays a vital role in the ignition system, it must be built with precision. Speaking of precision, the Taylor Cable ignition coil wire is the best choice. It is designed to fit the specifications of every vehicle make and model, thus it is a perfect replacement for your car's stock coil wire. This provides precise fit for easy installation, making additional firewall terminals unnecessary. Taylor Cable introduces wires with excellent heat protection that can bear up to 102,000 volts dielectric strength and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. So once your stock ignition coil wires get busted, replace it only with the coil wires from Taylor Cable.

Does your vehicle need a replacement coil wire now? You don't need to go that far. You can visit our site's user-friendly catalog, where you can look at our comprehensive lineup of highly-reliable auto parts and accessories. By simply browsing our catalog, you can easily choose the parts you need for your vehicle. Get the Taylor Cable ignition coil wire along with other Taylor Cable products for maximum ignition performance. Shop at Inner Auto Parts now.

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