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Spark Plug Wire by Taylor Cable

Get high-tech, high-performance ignition with the Taylor 409 Pro Race Ignition Wires. These Spyro-Wound core spark plug wires are guaranteed to provide the power and durability you need. Perfect for high-speed vehicles on the street or on the track, these wires deliver continuous heat protection for up to 600 Fahrenheit and 102, 000 volts of dielectric strength.

You may think all ignition wire is the same. Don't be fooled by the seemingly unimportant job of your connection wire. The difference between an engine that runs and one that doesn't could boil down to the strength of your ignition wire. To all but eliminate the possibility of shorting out, the 409 Pro Race Wires are woven tightly with a heat-treated fiberglass braid to maximize conduction. And with 100% pure silicone wire, you get the quality construction you need to handle the extreme power of your vehicle.

Available in red, black and blue with color-coordinated 100% silicone Pro Boots bonded to wire, you get the option of customizing the overall look of your engine. And with vibration-proof double-spring locking plug terminals, you can be sure you get a secure connection that won't toggle loose.

The Taylor 409 Pro Race Ignition Wires are especially effective when RFI suppression is required to deliver ultimate fire power. Plus, these ignition wires block radio interference for uncompromising results. These wires are the perfect for on-board computers, multiple discharge ignition systems and electronic ignitions. Get your car started right with the superior performance of the 409 Pro Race Ignition Wires.

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Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire Articles

  • Taylor Cable Series: 8mm High Energy

    Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire

    If you've upgraded the engine of your vehicle, OEM ignition wire may not be enough to properly power your vehicle. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to start your engine, and added strain from on-board computers, multiple discharge ignition systems or electronic ignitions could overwhelm an inferior wire. Get the strength and protection you need with the Taylor 8mm High Energy Ignition Wires.

    Taylor's 8mm High Energy Ignition Wires have the power and durability to stand up to your demanding, high-energy vehicle. Specifically manufactured for engines that drain excessive power, these spark plug ignition wires are built with extra protection. Stop worrying about high heat and power drain shorting out your wires-upgrade to 8mm High Energy Ignition Wires.

    Encased in heat-resistant silicone jackets and boots, you have the cover you need to safely accept excessive heat. The double-spring locking spark plug terminals give extra grip for a sure-stick connection. Plus, the large 8mm diameter provides the bulk you need to deliver maximum power. Built tough, these ignition wires can hold up to temperatures as hot as 500 Fahrenheit.

    High Energy Ignition Wires are ideal for the enthusiastic street driver or the moderate racer. Compatible with HEI applications, the wires come fully assembled so all you have to do is connect them to your spark plugs. With the durability to handle your demanding engine, these wires will provide the performance you need for years to come.

  • Taylor Cable Series: 8mm Pro

    Taylor Cable Spark Plug Wire

    Taylor's 8mm Pro Ignition Wire is the absolute best solution for your high-performance vehicle. With the looks to match their unmatched performance, strength and durability, the Pro Wire Series are ready to safely and effectively deliver the extra power you need for your power-sucking engine.

    Available with two different types of wire conductor, resistor core and TCW wire core, you are sure to find a Pro Series Wire that suits your needs. The resistor core delivers up to 40% more fire power than the competition and is best in applications such as multiple spark plug ignition systems, on-board computers and electronic ignitions. The TCW wired core is better suited for racing applications where RFI suppression is not a concern. It is a popular selection for Magneto, point type and non-electronic ignition applications.

    Both Pro Series options come in a variety of models that will fit most vehicles. Available in 4 different colors, black, red, blue and yellow, the Pro Series also gives you the option of customizing the look of your engine. Whichever core system you select, you can be sure you are getting the performance you need, with the ability to withstand temperatures up to 600 Fahrenheit.

    Pro Series Ignition Wires come equipped with a low profile, 100% silicone PRO BOOT® that ensures a tight connection with finger grips and vibration-proof double-spring lock terminals. For the uncompromising speedster that requires high-performance, the Taylor Pro Series Ignition Wires are for you.

  • Taylor Cable Series: 8mm Spiro dash Pro

    Taylor's 8mm Spiro-Pro Ignition Wires are revered by many racers and auto enthusiasts as the only option when it comes to outfitting a high-performance ride with a high-performance wire set. Built to deliver the maximum power possible, these wires are equipped to handle even the toughest situations.

    At 8mm in diameter, these spark plug wires include the bulk you need to effectively transfer massive amounts of power. The 100% silicone inner core and outer jacket provide ultimate heat resistance (up to 600 Fahrenheit), plus helps to eliminate radio frequency interference. This makes the Spiro-Pro Series an absolute must have for engines with multi-spark discharge ignition systems, on-board computers and electronic ignitions.

    Capable of providing more fire power than your OEM spark plug wires, the Spiro-Pro solution delivers up to ten times the resistance as standard resistor core wires. This high-performance can be attributed to the highly conductive resistor conductor spiral stainless steel wire that is covered in a fluorocarbon conductive material. That high-quality construction means high-quality performance. Plus, with the low profile silicone PRO BOOT®, you get a solid grip with vibration-proof double-spring locking spark plug terminals.

    Taylor adds the benefit of supreme customization to this series of ignition wires. The Spiro-Pro universal wire sets come in a whopping ten different colors so you can get that perfect custom look. Race-fit wire sets come in three classic colors. Show off your style and get the precision you need with Taylor's 8mm Spiro-Pro Ignition Wires.

  • Taylor Cable Series: 8mm Street Series

    Give your vehicle the special attention it needs with the Taylor 8mm Street Series Ignition Wires. With superior style to match their precision performance, the Street Series gives you the eye-catching appeal you need to show off your engine. The Street Series comes in two set types: Full Metal Jacket® and SST Shielded.

    The Full Metal Jacket version is manufactured with a stainless steel braided covering and polished aluminum boot protectors. This makes the Full Metal Jacket the best option for high-performance street vehicles from Taylor's arsenal of spark plug wires. With the ability to deliver constant heat protection, you can be sure that high heats won't damage your wires. Also includes 100% silicone PRO BOOTS® with finger grips and vibration-proof double-spring locking spark plug terminals for a secure and easy connection.

    The SST Shielded Wire option comes with a braided tin-coated copper cover. This coating delivers the final touch that goes great with engine compartments that have braided lines. This option is great for street rods and show cars that like to show off. The 8mm spiral-wound conductor provides ultimate fire power with optimal RFI suppression and the silicone jacket effectively buffers heat up to 550 Fahrenheit. Also includes the silicone PRO BOOTS.

    No matter which choice you go with, the Taylor 8mm Street Series will give you the style and performance you need. Amp up vehicle with high-performance spark plug wires that can keep up with your high-performance engine. Invest in the Street Series for maximum results.

  • Taylor Cable Series: Extreme Service

    Give your big engine the big protection it needs with the Taylor Extreme Service Ignition Wires. Your heavy-duty engine needs wire that can stand up to the extreme conditions under your hood. With ultimate heat resistance and maximum performance, these spark plug wires are the absolute best choice for RVs, dually, tow and service vehicles.

    At .409 inches and 10.4mm in diameter, the Extreme Service Series has the bulk your big vehicle needs. Built for maximum protection, these ignition wires are constructed from a ferrite spiral-wound coated core blend of exclusive copper/nickel alloy that is bonded by a conductive acrylic latex cover and topped off with a 3-layer 100% pure silicone blue casing. With continuous heat protection up to 1,500 Fahrenheit and 102,000 volts of dielectric strength, these ignition wires are unrivaled in durability.

    For additional protection, the Extreme Series comes pre-installed with 8"-long burn-proof silver heat socks. Crafted from 100% silicone, these boots also feature vibration-proof double-spring lock plug terminals for a tight connection that won't toggle loose.

    All Extreme Series spark plug wire sets are pre-assembled and ready to go-no cutting or terminating required. With a variety of models to fit a wide range of applications, you are sure to find the custom fit you need. And because all Extreme Series wires are designed to maintain the core resistance at 375 ohms per foot under any operating condition, you know you have a reliable wire set for your extreme engine conditions.

  • Taylor Cable Series: Sport Compact Series

    The Taylor Sport Compact Series Ignition Wires are the perfect spark plug wires for import and sport compact vehicles. This series is available in 4 different styles for ultimate custom results. The Spiro-Pro 8mm Wire Set is the best solution for street or track applications that require maximum fire power and minimal RFI. Crafted from a high-conductivity resistor core and wound with a stainless steel wire covered in a fluorocarbon silicone outer jacket for ultimate results.

    The Full Metal Jacket® Wire Sets are ideal under high-temperature conditions. With a stainless braided cover and polished aluminum spark plug jackets, you get ultimate protection from excessive heat. Plus, the 100% silicone PRO BOOTS® feature a double-spring locking terminal for a tight, secure connection.

    The 409 Pro Race Wire Sets offer the highest power performance for street and race applications. Perfect for vehicles with high-tech electronics, on-board computers and electronic ignition systems, this option delivers heat protection up to 600 Fahrenheit with 102,000 volts of dielectric strength. The most durable and dependable wire of the bunch for high-drain conditions.

    The Thundervolt® 50 Race Wire Set is designed to perform under demanding race conditions with a 10.4mm, .409 diameter. Three layers of pure Zimplex silicone, a ferrite spiral-wound coated core, and bonded acrylic latex cover are combined for maximum protection at all fronts. Reliable under extreme conditions, the Thundervolt 50 maintains a core resistance of 50 ohms +/- 20% per foot.

  • Taylor Cable Series: Thuundervolt

    Taylor's ThunderVolt Ignition Wires are top-of-the-line spark plug wires. For unprecedented power, resistance and torque, the ThunderVolt 50 Series has you covered. Achieve ultimate power on your high-performance racing vehicle with the help of these premium wires.

    At a .409", 10.4mm diameter, the ThunderVolt 50 Series has the bulk to match your built-up engine. The high-tech design and quality construction means these ignition wires will earn you an extra 5HP and 7 lbs. more torque than the competition. And with a mere 50 ohms per square feet, you won't find better resistance anywhere. Not bad for a simple connection wire, eh?

    Manufactured from the highest quality of materials, the ThunderVolt 50 Series features a ferrite spiral-wound coated core blend of an exclusive copper/nickel alloy that is bonded by a conductive acrylic cover. With the help of the tightly-woven heat-treated fiberglass braid you don't have to worry about additional sleeving. Wrap it all up in the 3-layer 100% Zimplex® silicone outer jacket, and you've got outstanding performance that delivers heat protection up to 600 Fahrenheit and 102,000 volts of dielectric strength.

    The ThunderVolt Series also features 100% silicone PRO BOOTS® that have vibration-proof double-spring locking spark plug terminals for a tight connection that stays put. Available in black casing with gold lettering, these ignition wires will match any engine. If you're looking for nothing but the best, look no further than the Taylor ThunderVolt Ignition Wires.