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Spark Plug Wire Loom by Taylor Cable

Keeping your car's spark plug wires orderly is easy with a spark plug wire loom. What is this device, you might wonder. You can find it under the hood, when you do inspection or repairs. The spark plug wire loom is a chrome-plated or T-shaped steel holder with plastic inserts and holes. Its primary task is to keep the spark plug wires neatly in place and individually separated. This is to prevent crossfire when the insulation of the wires starts to crack. Plus, it helps get rid of ignition leakage. Most of the time, the wire loom of your ignition system is able to last and endure for a considerable period of time. However, it may eventually break down. Consequently, a replacement becomes necessary. For a complete restoration, choose the Taylor Cable spark plug wire loom.

Taylor Cable is a leading auto part brand that provides just about everything you need for your vehicle's ignition system. From spark plug wires to spark plug parts and accessories, name it and Taylor Cable has it for you. One of its sought-after products is the Taylor Cable spark plug wire loom. It permits the spark plug wires to be placed near the valve cover while it keeps the wires away from the damaging exhaust manifold heat. This wire loom is usually made of solid billet aluminum for utmost tolerance against all abuses.

Protect and organize your car's spark plug wires with premium-quality Taylor Cable spark plug wire loom. This comes as a universal replacement and can be used with aluminum and chrome valve covers. They are sold in sets and include the necessary hardware for easy installation. Looking for it need not consume your precious time and effort. It is widely accessible at your reliable online provider-Inner Auto Parts. We also offer other Taylor Cable products. Browse our online catalog and pick the replacement part that you need for your car.

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