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Thermostat Gasket

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Beat the heat. Your engine's number one enemy is overheating. It could happen because of several reasons, the most common of which is coolant leak. One of the usual places where leaks occur is around the thermostat housing, caused by a worn-out thermostat gasket. This part of the cooling system is prone to leaks because of the thermostat's function.It's basically a heat-sensing valve that expands and contracts automatically, depending on coolant temperature. Through time, it can get stuck in the expanded position because of corrosion, blocking the flow of coolant into the radiator.Extreme coolant temperatures then result in early wear of the thermostat gasket. Even if the thermostat does contract, the worn-out gasket will cause a major leak that can result in overheating. A defective, leaking gasket should be replaced immediately.Otherwise, you risk suffering engine overheating due to coolant loss. Gaskets abound here at Carparts.

• Offers high resistance against heat

• Made from high-quality rubber that resists deformation

• Provides a direct fit