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Extreme weather and road conditions are among the distributing factors to the wear on your automobile. First things that go are the seals or weatherstrips in between the mating surfaces of its auto body. These accessories are the protectors that seals exterior from any unwanted element that may seep thru and initiate corrosive reaction to the insides of the body's metal parts. At the same time, these seals also keep all the important elements inside two mating surfaces. But they can only take so much and a replacement should be administered. For that purpose, THO is the perfect choice.

THO is a world-class aftermarket manufacturer that specializes in replacement wheel and engine seals. To date, the THO wheel seal is still the best choice of replacements for a wide automobile makes and models. Equally important in terms of sales is their THO camshaft seal that provides pressure trapping performance throughout the operations of the engine. In the industry, this seal is a good substitute to high-priced aftermarket industry. It offers the same performance but longer lasting service life.

Their range of products also includes other forms of seals, like gaskets and o-rings. A good example to this is the THO valve cover gasket that is usually used to replace the original oil seal in the valvetrain of the engine. The gasket is designed to directly replace original equipments as constructed with the basic specifications of automobiles. Installation, being identified as the second major cause of early wear after abuse, getting the right fit is very important. Tightening the cover to the body of the valve is also critical as it may result to distortion of the new THO gasket.