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Throttle Body Spacer

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Perhaps the easiest way to increase horsepower gains and boost fuel economy is to install a topnotch throttle body spacer in your vehicle. In carburetor-equipped vehicles, the throttle body spacer is a performance add-on to the air/fuel intake area.The throttle body spacer's primary task is to allow an extra fuel/air mix to be present for additional power, or 'disturb' the air so that the fuel forms into tiny droplets. In current fuel-injected cars, the throttle body spacer allows for a greater amount of air to be contained within the throttle body assembly. In effect, the engine doesn't have to work as hard to breathe air in. And when there is an increase in air flow, you can also enjoy gains in horsepower output, torque, and fuel efficiency. So despite escalating fuel prices, there's a way for you to get more savings.Interested in this product? Grab one for your vehicle today. Carparts offers the best throttle body spacers for your vehicle.

• A premium-quality throttle body spacer can get you significant power gains.

• A fully functional throttle body spacer also improves throttle response, helping your vehicle accelerate faster.

• Easy installation is guaranteed, with a set of installation instructions coming with each throttle body spacer unit.