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Wanted more power from your powerhouse but low on the budget? An effective way is to keep power loss at the minimum, if not totally eliminated. This usually happens in the exhaust stroke of the engine when it is compelled to push the exhaust some more. More push, more work done, and thus more power is being lost. The easiest remedy on this is getting a performance exhaust system in place of the factory. A good brand choice is Thrush, a reputed manufacturer in the aftermarket industry.

Thrush comes with an impressive portfolio of products, all in line with exhaust aftermarket components and accessories. But their most popular products are those that include the complete assembly, which are also direct replacements to original or factory systems of particular automobile models. What makes each Thrush exhaust system excellent is its construction, being designed for raw performance. With the enlarged diameters of the piping, bigger amount of exhaust can be evacuated as soon as the manifold opens. And with the strategic bends materialized on the mechanism, there is no doubt that it can do exhaust evacuation a lot faster.

Installation of the Thrush parts, accessories, and especially, of their complete assemblies are made easy. They are based on the original and standard specifications of factory systems, making them direct replacements. These Thrush products are also guaranteed to be mounted without extreme modifications required. They will also fit most factory and replacement systems' locations on virtually all makes and models of automobiles. At most, they would be good as remove-and-replace pipes and devices from the engine manifold and throughout the rearmost of the vehicle.