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Tie Rod Assembly

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It's common knowledge among drivers that the steering and the suspension systems cannot work smoothly if any of their vital components are damaged. Even if only one steering or suspension component becomes defective, the entire system could be rendered useless.Take the tie rod assembly, for example. A tie rod is a steering component that serves as the connection between the steering knuckles and the center link. With assistance from ball steering gears, the assembly helps the wheels turn, transmitting force from the steering center link to the steering knuckle.The tie rod assembly also comes with inner and outer ends, both of which make the tie rod flexible and easily adjustable. Should any of the assembly's parts become damaged, you can trust Carparts.We can help you get the perfect tie rod assemblies for your vehicle.

• Helps the wheels turn by transferring force from the center link to the steering knuckle

• Maintains critical vehicle alignment settings

• Comes with inner and outer end for easy fitting

Tie Rod Assembly Articles

  • A Simple Guide to Tie Rod Assembly Installation

    Tie rods are an integral part of your vehicle's steering system, joining the front steering spindles and the front steering link. When your steering wheel becomes shaky and your car starts to vibrate and wander, your tie rod must be going bad. Installing a one is usually the best course of action in such cases and this guide will teach you how to do so. The process is a complex one, requiring you to disassemble a number of parts.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Tie rod assembly
    2. Hydraulic jack
    3. Jack stands
    4. Wrench
    5. Socket set
    6. Pliers
    7. Cotter pins
    8. Pickle fork
    9. Mallet

    Preparing the vehicle

    Place your car in a cool shady area. This is important if you plan to work on your car for an extensive period of time. Lift up the front of the vehicle with the hydraulic jack before supporting it with jack stands. Remove both front wheels to gain access to the tie rod assembly inside.

    Removing the old tie rod assembly

    Locate the outer tie rod end, which is connect to the spindle, and remove the cotter pin followed by the holding nut. After that, locate the inner tie rod end, which is connected to the steering link, and remove its cotter pin as well. Insert the pickle forth where the outer tie rod end and the spindle meet. Use a mallet to hit the pickle fork and separate the tie rod end from the spindle. Use the pickle fork and the mallet again for the inner tie rod end and the steering link. Remove the tie rods.

    Installing the new tie rod

    Attach the tie rod sleeves to the appropriate tie rod ends. Install the tie rod assembly by attaching the tie rod ends to the spindle and steering link. Secure the assembly by screwing in the holding nut before tightening the adjusting sleeve. Install new cotter pins into the appropriate location.

    Finishing up

    Repeat the process on the other side of the vehicle. When you're done installing the tie rod assemble, put the front wheels back on before lowering the vehicle.