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Timing Belt Tensioner

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Have a worn-out timing belt tensioner on your hands? Don't prolong this problem. Get a new timing belt tensioner replacement.
Your engine is composed of numerous components that work together to bring out the best in your car. These parts need to be in-tune with one another for an unparalleled engine performance. The entire engine relies on the timing belt to tune the components together. This toothed rubber component connects the camshaft and the crankshaft to open and close the valves at the proper time. But the belt is not alone in performing this task. It has a timing belt tensioner that adds slack to the belt to activate the valves.
Your car is already installed with a timing belt tensioner from the time it came out of the assembly plant. Like the timing belt, the tensioner is also exposed to abrasive elements that can compromise performance. If the tensioner no longer provides the right amount of slack, it's time to find a timing belt tensioner replacement. Otherwise, your car's engine performance will be compromised. When you pick a replacement, you should check if the specifications have passed OEM standards. And you should check if the replacement is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it gives long-lasting service.
You can search for timing belt tensioner replacements online. With so many auto retailers on the Web, you're sure to find a replacement that fits your car's specifications. However, we advise that you double-check your selected retailer sites to protect yourself from scammers. Contact the site's customer service representatives and voice out questions and concerns to secure your purchase.

Timing Belt Tensioner Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Timing Belt Tensioner

    The timing belt is one area of your car that can benefit from tension. To open and close the camshaft's valves according to proper timing, the belt has to be maintained at correct tension levels. When the belt slacks, its inability to drive the camshaft correctly can cause extensive engine damage.There's an easy way for you to avoid that problem, though. Just equip your vehicle with a reliable timing belt tensioner. This pulley is designed to maintain the right amount of pressure on the belt and prevent it from becoming loose or slacking. This ensures that the timing belt keeps driving the camshaft properly.Interestingly, the timing belt is also the most effective indicator of a damaged tensioner pulley. If the belt breaks before 60,000 kilometers, however, then something is definitely wrong with your timing belt tensioner. Push on the timing belt to check for tightness. If there's slack, tighten the tensioner.If the belt still slacks, and is nearly brand new, then you're better off getting a new tensioner pulley. Auto Parts Deal has tensioners for all makes and models.

    • Keeps proper timing belt tension

    • Lasts longer than stock tensioner pulleys

    • Matches most timing belt applications