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Timing Chain Kit

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The continual use of a damaged timing chain can prove to be disastrous for your car's engine. By operating the crankshaft and camshaft, the timing chain helps the engine's valves open and close according to proper timing. This directly affects how your car performs on the road.So don't forget to regularly check on parts in the engine bay. When the timing chain's looking a little worse for wear, don't hesitate to get a timing chain kit. The kit contains replacement parts for your car's damaged timing chain, including the sprockets and gears needed to secure the replacement chain.Once installed, the kit's components can offer a more solid grip on the crankshaft and camshaft, allowing your car's engine to work more efficiently. However, make sure you go for a timing chain kit that suits your vehicle best and offers the most benefits.Our timing chain kits here at Carparts come only with the best, highest-quality components.

• Can help the engine's valves work more efficiently

• Comes with OE-fit replacements to damaged timing chain parts

• Made from high-quality materials for longer service life

Timing Chain Kit Articles

  • Four Steps of Proper Timing Chain Kit Installation

    Are you having engine problems like rough runs and starting issues? Perhaps your timing chain is already worn out. You should check your engine immediately. If this is the case, you should purchase your new timing chain kit as soon as possible. However, mounting these new engine components can be tedious. Following are the simplified steps on how you can replace your worn out timing chain.

    Required skill level: Expert

    Needed tools and materials

    1. Antifreeze mixture
    2. Car owner's manual
    3. Drain pan
    4. Gasket scraper
    5. Hammer
    6. Harmonic balancer puller
    7. Jack stands
    8. Jacks
    9. Oil
    10. Screwdriver set
    11. Silicone sealer
    12. Socket set
    13. Three-jaw gear puller
    14. Timing chain kit
    15. Torque wrench
    16. Wrench set

    Preparing for the actual replacement

    The timing chain is located in the engine. Since this is an inner part of the underhood, you would need to remove different components to access the timing chain. This includes disconnecting the battery through the negative cable. You would also need to drain the radiator coolant into a drain pan. After that, you can remove the radiator hoses, fan cutch assembly, water pump brackets, and heater hoses if any.

    Disassembling the engine block

    To gain complete access to the timing chain, you would also need to remove other engine components. Take out the harmonic balancer with the use of the harmonic balancer puller. After removing the fuel pump, take out the front timing cover. Lastly, rotate the engine using a ratchet and socket until the gears are aligned perpendicularly.

    Removing the old timing chain

    Once you have complete access of the timing chain and its gears are completely aligned, you can now proceed to taking it out. Remove the bolts on the crankshaft. Pull the timing chain forward and have it removed with the camshaft sprocket. Using the three-jaw gear puller, remove the crankshaft sprocket.

    Placing the timing chain kit

    The timing chain kit should include new sprockets as these, too, wear out with the chain. With the dots on the gears facing out, slide in the new crankshaft sprocket. Consult the owner's manual and install the new chain and cam sprocket as per the indicated alignment.