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Trust only Timken products for your car's transmission needs. Explore this site to view our wide selection of quality products.
How would you feel if your company made it to Forbes' list of big companies? You would be ecstatic, that is for sure. Not all companies have the privilege of being included in the Forbes list of "Best Big Companies." Careful evaluation of each company is done before it can be included in the list. That's why it's a great honor for the bearings and transmission products specialist Timken to be included once again in the Forbes Platinum 400 for 2009. The company has earned this honor for the fourth time. It's a good thing that Timken has managed to maintain a stable financial condition despite slow economic growth. This inclusion in the Forbes list only means one thing-Timken knows its business.
When it comes to friction management and power transmission solutions, Timken is the name you can trust. Its bearings product lineup includes the best anti-friction bearings and bearing kits. Highly developed products such as housed units, integrated bearing assemblies, and precision assemblies are also part of Timken's product catalog. However, the company also manufactures a variety of products aside from bearings. Alloy steel components, seals, lubrication, and motion control systems are also some of the company's offerings.
As a vehicle owner, you know how important bearings are to your machine. The smooth operation of your car's axles and other contacting parts are made possible by the bearings. And not only that, they lessen wear and tear of these parts. Bearings are indispensable mechanical parts that must be maintained at their tiptop shape. Once broken or damaged, they must be replaced immediately. Timken's bearings and other transmission products are some of the best replacements you can find in the market today.

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  • Choosing the Right Timken Product, For the Right Job

    Keeping heavy-duty trucks silently rolling is the task of each bearing on its wheels. This device supports the gross load of a vehicle, which will naturally be distributed in all four wheels. Anything with this truly remarkable function will eventually be subjected to a load of extreme conditions. Over time, these pressures are going to take their toll on each device. As soon as lube leak or breakage on the metal shell is noticed, it becomes the task of Timken. Branded as one of the industry's finest makers of replacement wheel bearings, Timken offers a complete line of replacements.

    The company's Timken wheel bearing is a direct replacement to broken or leaky factory device. It is a tapered type of bearing, an automotive type, with a metal case that keeps the lube in and dirt out. The big difference that Timken bearings have from its competition is exact fit and specifications to compatible make and model. These factors are very critical in functional automobiles, such as trucks, as they are usually exposed to heavier duties like hauling more loads and towing.

    And to make each of the brand's wheel bearings, an equally durable Timken wheel seal is best used on them. This will surely keep each wheel from the imperiling road elements that usually contribute to the wheel's fast wear. But Timken is not just about wheel accessories, another important product is the Timken clutch release bearing. This is another heavily built, sheathed inside a reinforced metal case, and packed with permanent grease device that's designed to restore lost functions of the same factory part.