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Tonneau Cover

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Whenever you need some kind of protection for your cargo at the back of your truck, an indispensible tonneau cover is a good investment in keeping delicate or heavy load behind your truck.
A truck tonneau cover is a hard or soft vinyl cover that covers the bed of the truck. Oftentimes, it is also spelled as "tonno" cover. It is held in place by snaps, C-channels, or via a rolling-down mechanism. Using a truck tonneau cover will give you spacious trunk for storing cargo and protecting from bad weather and prying eyes.
The tonneau cover is also a great help in improving your truck fuel mileage. Normally, the aerodynamics of a truck bed don't actually fit well from a streamlining point. With the tonno cover, the airflow is smoother across the back of the truck. The roll-up truck tonneau cover best suits for cold-weather. As cold weather shrinks the vinyl material, the roll-up tonno cover uses an innovative latching mechanism to stretch the material automatically without the use of pliers to snap down the truck tonneau cover. Another plus factor is the support bows that shapes the tonneau cover. This means more space to the truck bed.
With the tonneau cover, there will be no more worries in hauling your cargo in the truck bed in almost all kinds of extreme weather and prying eyes.

Tonneau Cover Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Tonneau Cover

    Your rig definitely wouldn't be complete without a tonneau cover. Made from fiberglass, metal or faux leather, a tonneau cover shelters your valuables and looks great when properly installed. This cover also comes in various styles. The most basic is the cloth or fabric tonneau cover. To support the fabric and keep it tightly stretched over your vehicle's cargo area, this tonneau cover uses a rib-like system. Another tonneau cover style is the roll-up tonneau cover. Mounted at the front of the bed behind the cab, this tonneau cover is a rectangular frame attached to each side of the bed. Contained inside the frame is a rectangular fabric or plastic cover that can be rolled out and secured to the end of the bed. Easy to use, this type of tonneau cover takes only a few minutes to install. Among the styles, the fiberglass or hard plastic tonneau cover is the most popular. It's because this style is durable and looks good. This can be painted to match your rig, too. Whatever style of tonneau cover you want for your vehicle, you can surely get it here at Auto Parts Deal.

    • The tonneau cover is available in various styles, and whichever type you want, you can see it at our catalogs.

    • A durable tonneau cover protects your vehicle's cargo from harmful environmental elements.

    • Our tonneau covers are also easy to install and affordable; in fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find lower-priced tonneau covers anywhere else.