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Tornado Fuel Saver

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There are many ways to hold your own against steadily increasing gas prices. One surefire way is, obviously, to cut back on gasoline expenses. How do you do that? All it takes is installing a tornado fuel saver in your vehicle. Made from durable stainless steel parts, the tornado fuel saver uses a patented air-twister system that improves your car's fuel economy. This product features slotted fins that take your vehicle's normal air intake and converts it into a powerful vortex of air. This fuel saver's continuous spinning action allows air intake to easily pass through corners and bends in the engine. The presence of increased air in your vehicle's engine allows for more efficient fuel combustion. And because fuel is burned much more efficiently, you don't have to spend as much time at the gas stations. So you don't only get to save gas; you get to enjoy better performance from the engine, too. And here's the sweetest part, you can buy this product at the lowest price here at Carparts!

• Helps save gas and improves mileage and power output

• Easy to install and fits gas, diesel, fuel-injection and carburetor-type engines

• Installation takes less than 10 minutes