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Torque Converter

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Cars with automatic transmissions are just as prone to drivetrain failures as cars with manual transmissions. That's because the two transmission systems have different components that share almost the same functions.Take the torque converter in an automatic transmission, for example. It's the counterpart of the clutch in a manual transmission. The converter is like a fluid coupling that lets the engine rotate while the wheels and the transmission are stopped. It "disconnects" the engine from the transmission whenever you take your foot off the gas pedal.The moment you step on the gas, fluid fills the torque converter and drives a turbine. The turbine then drives the transmission, transferring the torque needed to rotate your car's wheels. That said, it's important to note the symptoms of a failed converter, foremost of which are grinding noises or a drop in fuel efficiency.Metal filings in the transmission fluid may also lead to converter failure. If you find any of these symptoms on your car, you'll find quality replacement torque converters here at Carparts.

• Helps your car's automatic transmission system switch between gears

• Offers longer service life compared to stock torque converters

• Made from durable metals such as aluminum and alloy steel