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Ractive Mufflers have a very distinctive sound and can transform your vehicle into a high performance machine. The Ractive Mufflers made of black aluminized steel capture the essence of the Ractive sound at a price you can afford. These Ractive Mufflers are comprised of T-304 stainless steel, inside and out and are seamless, with a straight through design. They also feature the Ractive signature polished mirror finish. You can also get Ractive Mufflers in universal oval in the MST popular performance configurations. These seamless, mirror finished mufflers are also made from T-304 stainless steel. The free flowing internal design of these Ractive Mufflers reduces backpressure, increases horsepower and produces a deep, sporty sound. These mufflers are completely reversible and the body of the muffler is built of aluminized mild steel for superior rust protection and then powder coated with a flat black enamel for an aggressive cosmetic finish. The tops are pure, 100 percent T-304 stainless steel.
Ractive Exhaust products are the standard-issue exhaust components for those who own sport compact cars. Ractive Exhaust parts perform well, sound great and are the best choice. The Ractive Exhaust line of performance mufflers are made from powder coated aluminized steel and have that Ractive sound you know and love. They can be ordered in application-specific applications or universal fit-form, and you get them with Ractive exhaust tips already in place. Ractive's exhaust resonators lower the exhaust note for a rich, powerful sound-even on small-displacement engines. You can also get the Rastive look you want with Ractive exhaust tips, made of stainless steel for long life and durability. They can also be ordered with a ring of colored LED lights for a distinctive touch.
A Ractive Air Filter has a special cone-like feature designed to increase airflow into the intake and lower the air intake temperature. Ractive's patented design will ensure great performance. Available in colored heat shields, your Ractive Air Filter comes with the filter and adapter and all the hardware you'll need to mount it. You can also get a mini breather with a washable foam element with a plastic heat shield that eliminated the tube that joins the intake to the valve cover, the perfect complement to Ractive translucent heat shield filters that are available in translucent yellow, red, blue, and chrome and carbon fiber. For the highest quality, best performance and durability you can count on, trust Ractive.

Toucan Brand Articles

  • Choosing the Right Toucan Product, For the Right Job

    Toucan Ractive products have been synonymous with sport compact performance ever since the genre was named

    With everything from strut tower braces to exhaust components, air filters, and brake parts, Toucan Ractive performance parts cover all the bases

    Installing a Ractive muffler from Toucan will give you the hot import sound that tuners and racers alike crave

    Despite all their differences, Ractive parts from Toucan all have high performance and exceptional build quality in common.

    Sport compact car enthusiasts the world over have been singing the praises of Toucan Ractive mufflers ever since the phenomenon took of a decade ago. And it's no wonder: Ractive mufflers bring a racy, European-style exhaust note and appearance to your exhaust system at a very aggressive price point. So how do they do it? Well, Ractive mufflers start by utilizing a flow-through design that ensures uninterrupted exhaust gas travel. That's the only way to make power and torque, and Ractive mufflers employ a perforated tube-style muffling system that doesn't interfere with gas flow. Then, Toucan offers its Ractive mufflers in two different configurations to meet different price points. For those of you on a budget, they make Ractive mufflers in an aluminized version with a black painted shell and polished tips. You get the great look of all-polished Ractive mufflers at the back of your car, but the economy of a painted shell underneath where no one sees it. Or you can opt for the all-stainless polished Ractive mufflers which offer the best in looks and longevity thanks to their corrosion-proof shell. Either way, you'll find Ractive mufflers available in direct-fit and universal versions to fit nearly any vehicle, sport compact or otherwise. Now you can get the sound of power that Ractive mufflers are famous for, along with good looks and a great price right here.

    Ractive exhaust products from Toucan have become the standard-issue exhaust componentry for the sport compact car crowd. Why? Because Ractive exhaust parts perform well, sound great, and are built to a price point that most folks can see eye to eye with. For those of you who don't need a full Ractive exhaust system but want the look, you can order just the Ractive exhaust tips for your ride. Ractive exhaust tips are made of stainless steel for long life and durability and can even be ordered with a ring of colored LED lights for a really distinctive touch. For the real deal, though, you need to step up to the Ractive exhaust line of performance mufflers. These mufflers are made from powder coated aluminized steel and have that distinctive Ractive exhaust sound that you've come to know and love. Ractive exhaust mufflers can be ordered in application-specific configurations or universal-fit form, and you can get them with Ractive exhaust tips already in place. Don't forget the resonators, either. Ractive exhaust resonators lower the exhaust note for a rich, powerful sound even on small-displacement engines. So if you have an import or domestic sport compact, check out the Ractive exhaust lineupit's okay to get addicted; you can afford it with Ractive exhaust!

    Toucan's Ractive air filter looks unlike any performance filter on the market because it works unlike any performance filter on the market. The Ractive air filter element is pretty standard as far as high-flow filters goyou get a reusable cotton element that filters minute particles out of the airstream while allowing larger quantities of air to be ingested compared with a stock filter. But it's in the housing design that the Ractive air filter really changes the game. First off, there's a heat shield incorporated into the Ractive air filter housing to prevent unwanted heat from being absorbed by the intake air. Next there's a velocity-stack style intake built into the Ractive air filter componentry. This stack first increases the pressure of the intake air, then drops it significantly. When pressure drops, temperature drops too, so the Ractive air filter actually uses physics to cool the intake charge further. Pretty neat, huh? Finally, Ractive air filter housings look like they were just taken off a spacecraft so you get killer sporty looks under your hood. You can buy the Ractive air filter in an application-specific form for many popular sport compact cars, or get a universal Ractive air filter for your own intake design. Either way, you get great looks and great performance from your high-flow Ractive air filter.