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Toyota 4Runner Dash Cover

Tips to Keep Your Toyota 4Runner Dash Cover in Good Condition

The Toyota 4Runner works around the concept utility and style that you would expect from Toyota pick-up trucks. But the good thing about translating these concepts in an SUV is even a lot better. By putting a truck in an SUV's body, you still get to enjoy the performance and ruggedness but with a more comfortable experience. Aside from a comfortable ride, you will also enjoy a more refreshing dashboard. This allows you to drive with more style and convenience. However, as time goes by, the panel can get dirty, faded, and broken due to exposure to elements. The good thing about it is there are protective products like the Toyota 4Runner dash cover. When you decided to use one, your SUV will have an extra layer of protection against those elements. In turn, we believe that you should repay its service by taking good care of it. So we got to tidy up your dash cover for it to look its best. Here are some tips:

  • Get a vacuum cleaner and brush. Dust off your dash cover well.

The vacuum cleaner and brush are your allies when you want to tidy up your dash cover. We all know that over time, this protective layer of an accessory will accumulate dirt and other particles. In the beginning, unnoticeable amount of particles can evenly spread over the surface of your cover. This can be easily dismissed if you do not have an eye for spotting them. But before it becomes a full-blown eye sore, grab your vacuum cleaner and brush to take them out. You will end up with a happy dash cover free from dust.

  • Have an interior detailing session and count your dash cover in.

Constant exposure to elements can leave your dash cover dull, dirty, and stained. One solution for that is an interior detailing job. This cleaning session will take a longer time than just dusting off particles. By detailing your dash cover, you get very intensive with the cleaning process and apply cleaning solutions to bring back the original feel to it.

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  • Tips to Consider When Using a Toyota 4Runner Dash Cover

    The Toyota 4Runner has been enjoying decades of production run. Different generations of Toyota fan boys and girls have been enjoying this sports utility vehicle derived from the Hilux. It was aimed to be a more comfortable ride that can seat more passengers. If you got yourself a used 4Runner, there is a possibility that it is not as much of a looker as when it was brand new. But you can do something about it. For its interior, you can give it a detailing fix. You should get a refreshed look from it. At the same time, you can also replace the old Toyota 4Runner dash cover that has been left there by the previous owner. Bringing back the SUV to its former glory is not that tough. However, you should know how to tackle it well. Here are some things to consider when you decide to put on a new dash cover on your Toyota 4Runner.

    Tip #1: Take a good look at the current condition of your entire dashboard.

    Before you make any alterations to the dashboard of your newly acquired 4Runner, you should give a good look first. Evaluating its current condition allows you to spot the areas that need working on. It would also tell you how bad the shape of the old dash cover is in as well. Does it have holes, fades, stains, and ripped areas? If there are, getting a new set would really be a good idea. Besides, this is probably also your opportunity to choose another color that can be matched with your dashboard.

    Tip #2: Slowly and gently remove the old dash cover and clean your panel of any residues.

    The old dash cover is most likely attached to your dashboard using adhesives. Slowly and gently remove the old cover with your hands. You can ask the help of your friend if you want, but you can manage it even if you are alone. After peeling the old layer, wipe the panel clean to remove residues and dirt build-up.

    Tip #3: Mount your dash cover and make the necessary adjustments.

    Your dashboard is now ready to take a new protective layer. Mount the new dash cover and make sure it spreads evenly. Make the necessary adjustments if needed.