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Toyota 4Runner Headlight

Few Ways to Show Your Toyota 4Runner Headlight Some TLC

When you got your Toyota 4Runner, it was like a dream come true. It is an SUV with the heart of a utility truck. So you drive it day and night to all destinations that you wanted. During the day, you are able to navigate well with your SUV considering all the creature comforts and amenities that Toyota equipped to the vehicle. However, when the sun sets and night envelopes the horizon, you will need more effective tools to help you reach your destination. This is why maintaining your Toyota 4Runner headlight is very important. The part illuminates your path as you make way through under the pale moonlight. It helps you spot road bogeys, signs, and oncoming traffic from afar. Therefore it allows you to react as quickly as possible. Without a functional headlight at night, you might as well be considered a speeding road hazard. To prevent that from happening here are a few ways to show your Toyota 4Runner headlight some tender loving care.

  • Wash your headlight with clean water.

Wash away the dirt and other particles on the lens of your headlight with clean water. This treatment should loosen up the dirt build-up on the outer surface of the lens. Do this so often to avoid the layers of dirt from piling up over and over as you take your 4Runner out on drives. Regular washing will also prevent the build-up of stubborn materials that become harder to remove once it combines with other elements along the way.

  • Scrub your lens with a sponge to bring back its clarity.

This goes side by side with the water treatment. Once you have loosened the dirt layers on the lens, we advise that you also scrub it clean. Use the same sponge or wash mitt you use to clean the panels of your car. Soak it in your favorite car cleaning solution then apply it to your headlight.

  • Dry your headlight with a clean cloth.

You can avoid water seeping into the headlight assembly by keeping your headlight dry after washes. Get a clean cloth and wipe it so. Try to reach the spaces in between as well.

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  • Tips When Diagnosing a Toyota 4Runner Headlight Failure

    Long drives from state to state are exciting to do if you love adventures. It even gets better when you drive comfortable vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner. With a vehicle like that, you can tag along your family, friends, and colleagues to your favorite destination. But long drives also require you to be able to withstand travelling in the night. For this, you need to be able to have all the cooperation you can get from your vehicle. One of these is having functioning headlights. This is one area you really need to take a look at when you want to have a safe journey that lasts for hours on the road. So here are a few things to remember when you are diagnosing your Toyota 4Runner headlight.

    Tip #1: Find a safe spot where you can do your testing without being a hazard yourself.

    Your safety and your SUV's are paramount when doing a diagnosis like this. To accomplish this, you have to find yourself a safe spot away from any traffic or mobile objects. This can be an open parking lot, a closed road, or other similar places. Drive to that spot and park your 4Runner in an orderly fashion. This lessens, if not eliminates, the risk of any driver from driving close to you as you perform your test.

    Tip #2: Switch on your lights and check if it has a clear projection.

    An effective headlight is able to project a clear beam to its intended distance. However, driving to different places and exposure to elements can take a toll on the condition of the headlight lens. To make sure that its projection is still at par to the specifications, switch on your lights and observe how much beam gets through your lens. If it looks hazy, it could mean that your lens could use some cleaning and buffing.

    Tip #3: Check the bulbs on your headlight one by one to see if any of them is already busted.

    For a safe drive, you want to make sure that all of the bulbs in your headlight are still functional. You can check them one at a time by switching them from your instrument control. Check for the parking lights, low beam bulb, high beam bulb, and turn signal light.