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Toyota 4runner Headlight Covers

Quick Fix to Toyota 4runner Headlight Covers

A little imperfection of your Toyota 4runner headlight covers can ruin all the hard work you've done to your vehicle. So it is really important to keep your headlight covers well maintained in time for the show. But if things don't work as planned and the headlight covers prove to be more of a problem than an enhancement, then a little tweaking may be able to do the job. Whether your headlights covers are leaning towards the left or refusing to stay attached onto the headlight lens, here's a quick fix for each headlight cover problem:

Headlight covers don't align perfectly.

If your headlight covers don't align straight, you either have a faulty molded strip or your covers aren't the perfect fit. To remedy this problem, use double-sided tape and place a small strip on the misaligned section of the headlight cover. Align the headlight cover to the headlight lens and press the headlight cover against the lens to correct the alignment.

Headlight covers don't stick to the headlight assembly at all.

The procedure is similar to correcting a misaligned headlight cover, but this time you're going to use a longer double-sided tape. Peel one side of the tape and stick it to the reverse side of the headlight cover. Align the headlight covers to the headlight assembly. When you think you have the right alignment, peel the other side of the tape and press the cover on the headlight lens. This will prevent the headlight cover from falling off.

Headlight covers are scratched.

There are several scratch remover kits available in the market that effectively removes scratches from the headlight covers. If the need is urgent and the scratch remover kit is not available, you can use toothpaste to polish the scratched surface. This may take a while, but it should get the scratch out. Using heat is also an option. This may sound counterintuitive, but plastics have memory. When heat is applied properly, it allows the plastic to go back to its original form. Be careful though, if you don't know what you're doing, stick with toothpaste.

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  • How to Maintain Your Toyota 4runner Headlight Covers

    Toyota 4runner headlights are made of durable plastic, but they can get scratched and get foggy. Headlight covers make up for this shortcoming. But headlight covers wear out too. To protect the ones that protect your headlights, you have to make sure that you follow simple maintenance procedures.

    Cleaning tips

    • Always clean your headlight covers before and after use. Wipe the headlight covers with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, dust, fingerprint, or water mark before installing them on your headlight assembly. Wash the headlight covers once they are removed from the car. Use soapy water and clean cloth to remove any dirt from the covers.
    • Do not use strong chemicals for cleaning that may damage the covers. Avoid other methods that my otherwise damage the surface of the covers.

    Installation tips

    • Read the instructions that come with the headlight covers. Make sure that you understand every procedure to avoid damaging the lens and the cover.
    • You may need the following tools when installing the headlight covers: soap solution, cloth, lens cleaner, masking tape, and squeegee.
    • Remove the headlight covers very carefully to avoid damaging the molded clips that enable them to snugly fit to the headlight assembly.
    • Clean your headlight lens before installing the headlight cover.

    Storage tips

    • Clean headlight covers before storing them. Do not store a wet headlight cover to prevent permanent water stain.
    • Store your headlight covers in cool and dry place to prevent water damage and premature weathering that can alter their overall appearance.
    • As much as possible, store the headlight covers in a separate bin-away from other objects that can scratch the covers' surface. To further protect your headlight covers, wrap them with clean and dry cloth when you store them.
    • Store the headlight covers away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

    Other tips

    • Headlight covers are mainly used for shows. In most states, it is illegal to drive your car to the street with headlight covers, especially during the night.
    • As a rule, always check with your state's laws on headlights before driving your car to the street with headlight covers.