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Toyota 4runner Mirrors

How to Troubleshoot Toyota 4Runner Mirrors

The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular Japanese SUVs in the market today since it was launched back in 1984. Driving this huge vehicle is easy, but you need to make sure that all parts are working perfectly and that includes your mirrors. Old mirrors that are adjusted manually are easy to troubleshoot, but newer models are now equipped with electric mirrors and they come with their own set of problems. Troubleshooting Toyota 4Runner mirrors is pretty easy, so just go through our short guide and find out how.

Blown fuse

You can easily adjust both side mirrors from the driver's side thanks to a couple of switches on the armrest. But once they develop problems, then you might have to adjust both mirrors manually until you get them fixed. Other features like automatic heating and dimming mirrors can be narrowed down to electric problems as well. If none of the switches for your mirrors are working, then the first thing that you should check would be the fuse box. A blown out fuse is quite easy to replace, so go through your manual and find the one for your side mirrors. If your mirrors still aren't working, then you might have a loose connection and would need to open the housing itself.

Loose wiring

Your vehicle's mirrors simply won't work if they've got a bad connection. Check your mirror's wiring for voltage using a multimeter or a test light to rule out any other problems. If there is no voltage coming from your wires, then you probably have a loose wire somewhere and would simply need to patch it up. If there's voltage coming through your wires, then your mirror housing might be broken and you'll have to replace it instead. Your vehicle's manual would have a diagram for identifying your mirror's wiring so you could perform this test correctly.

Unfortunately, most mirror assemblies are sealed units and cannot be repaired. You can ask a mechanic to make a thorough check of your mirror assembly before you consider getting a replacement. Installing replacement Toyota 4Runner mirrors is pretty easy and you could do it at home on your own.

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  • Tips on Keeping Your Toyota 4Runner Mirrors Nice and Clean

    Your Toyota 4Runner is a big SUV, so driving around would be hard if you've got foggy or dirty mirrors. Keeping your vehicle's mirrors nice and clean would not only make your ride look good, but it'll also make it easier for you to change lanes and turn corners by having a clear view around your SUV. Auto mirrors are pretty much easy to maintain and all you'll need would be regular cleaning. When you're scheduled for a car wash, make sure that you pay special attention to your Toyota 4Runner mirrors as well. Here are some tips on how to clean your mirrors for a clear and spotless finish.

    Cleaning chrome mirrors

    Some owners opt for chrome mirrors, and they can get dirty fast if you don't clean them regularly. A quick and easy way to keep your chrome mirrors nice and shiny would be to use some household items like white vinegar or alcohol. Begin by washing your mirrors normally with car shampoo or dishwashing liquid, but instead of drying it off after the rinse, you'd want to rub it with vinegar or alcohol first. This will remove all traces of car shampoo or dishwashing liquid from the chrome mirror, allowing you to polish it to a nice shine.

    Scratched mirrors

    You really can't avoid damaging your side mirrors, even if you're very careful while driving. Your side mirrors extend outward from your vehicle and are quite prone to getting hit by debris and other objects. If you find a small scratch, you could actually buff it out using some toothpaste or jeweler's rouge. Unfortunately, bigger scratches can't be fixed and you'll have to replace your mirror entirely.

    Drying up with newspaper

    The key to cleaning your mirrors is to dry them up completely after washing in order to prevent spots and streaks from forming. Apart from using micro fiber or lint-free cloth, you can actually use newspaper to wipe, dry, and even polish your side mirrors. You can also fold the newspaper up to get into the tiniest corners of your mirrors where dirt get trapped and fester.