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Toyota 4runner Turn Signal Assembly

Toyota 4Runner Turn Signal Assembly: Some Issues for Troubleshooting

Drivers are not mind readers. This is why you have all the signaling contraptions in your vehicle-to clue in other motorists of what your next move on the road will be. If your Toyota 4Runner turn signal assembly goes off, there's a chance that you could get into a fender-bender, receive a traffic offense ticket, or create monstrous traffic on the road. Unfortunately, your turn signal (also known as blinkers) will occasionally go haywire. Here are some of the things to watch out for and what you should do about them:

One of the turn signals has gone off

The first thing to check here-and this rings true for all other automotive lightings-are the bulbs. Burnt-out bulbs are one of the most common reasons why turn signals go off. Check the base of the bulb if it has darkened-that is an indication that the bulb has burned and needs to be replaced. Install a new bulb and test the blinkers if both would turn on.

Both turn signals are not working

Although bulbs rarely go off at the same time, it's not a bad idea to check the assembly for used-up bulbs. However, if the bulbs are not the issue, you might want to inspect bulb sockets for grounding. On other occasions, the fuse may be the problem. Replace the fuse of the affected blinker and test if the lights would work. If you find no issue with the fuse, check the electrical connections if they are loose or corroded.

Turn signals blink very quickly

Turn signals blink to indicate your next move on the road. If they blink too rapidly, you might have an incorrect bulb installed. Check the manufacturer's note on bulb wattage and compare it with your current bulbs' wattage.

Another reason for the rapid bulb blinking could be a bad combination switch. Voltage going to the turn signals may sometimes drop, causing the blinkers to flicker rapidly. Sometimes, the problem lies on the combination switch. Usually, the switch requires a little bit of cleaning in order for the blinkers to return to normal.

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  • Toyota 4Runner Turn Signal Assembly Upkeep

    Your Toyota 4Runner turn signal assembly is one very important component of your SUV, yet it is one that's often neglected. Switching lanes and turning to corners would be difficult, if not dangerous, when the turn signal goes off. More popularly known as blinkers, turn signals are often exposed to varying road and weather conditions. To make your Toyota 4Runner turn signal assembly last longer, follow the maintenance tips below:

    Check the bulb sockets and electrical wirings for signs of corrosion.

    Corrosion eats away the surface of bulb sockets and wirings, making your SUV's blinkers less efficient. The corrosion, which sometimes appears as white dust, can hamper the flow of electricity to the blinkers. You can get one of the automotive rust removers from auto parts store to remove the oxidation.

    Replace turn signal bulbs before they go off.

    Many times, we go by the old saying, "Don't repair what isn't broken." While it is a sound advice, nothing still beats preventative measures from saving you from headaches. Since one of your turn signal's bulbs may go off earlier than the other does, it makes sense that you replace only the one that's affected. However, you will be left with one blinker that's dimmer than the other is. To prevent this issue from surfacing, replace both bulbs at the same time. Check the base of the bulbs for signs of darkening, which indicates that the bulbs are already near its limit.

    Regularly clean the turn signal lenses.

    Moisture from rain can cloud up your blinkers' lenses. Your turn signals need to be clear and very visible at all times, so you need to make sure that the lenses are free from dirt buildup and moisture. You can remove oxidation from the lenses' surface by using fine-grit sandpaper followed by a good coating of plastic lens cleaner.

    Make sure that all wires are securely connected within the assembly.

    If there's any loose wiring inside your Toyota 4Runner turn signal assembly, your blinkers may not turn on at all. Check all connections if they are securely affixed. If not, remove the loose wiring and put it back in place.