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Toyota 4runner Windshield Wiper Arm

Common Indications of Issues with Toyota 4Runner Windshield Wiper Arm

Your SUV's windshield wiper system is a crucial support system because it provides the convenience of cleaning the windshield with just a push of a button. The windshield wiper arm is the part of the system that connects the wiper blade to the wiper motor. This means that it is the one that transfers the wiping motion necessary in effectively cleaning the windshield. Over time, you may experience problems with the wiper arm. Following are some symptoms telling you to check the part:

One wiper moves slower

If one wiper moves slower than the other, there may be a problem with the windshield wiper arm. Since the wiper arm is the one transferring the wiping motion from the motor, problems with movement should be associated with the part. In this case, the retaining nut at the bottom of the wiper arm may have gone loose.

One wiper does not move at all

This is another symptom that is associated with the windshield wiper arm's retaining nut. In this case, the retaining nut may have gone totally loose, dislocating the connection between the wiper motor and the arm. Another possibility is a rusted retaining nut caused by exposure to moisture and water.


Chattering occurs when the wiper blade does not glide smoothly through the windshield glass. Not only is this problem irritating to the eyes and ears, it also means that the wiper is not cleaning the windshield well. While this issue can be caused by a worn out rubber wiper, it can also be a result of a bent Toyota 4Runner windshield wiper arm. If the latter is the case, you can remove the wiper arm and try to have it straightened.


The Toyota 4Runner windshield wiper arm is positioned in such a way that it is always leaning against the windshield. This position is secured by springs that push the base of the arm. There may come a time when the wiper skips a portion of the windshield, producing thumping sounds and leaving dirty spots. This may be a result of a contaminated spring that affects the operation of the wiper arm.

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  • Keeping the Toyota 4Runner Windshield Wiper Arm Away from Damage

    The cleanliness of your SUV's windshield is a very crucial aspect that you should maintain well. This should be fairly easy for you because the windshield wiper system is there to assist you. In turn, you should take good care of the components within the system, including the windshield wiper arm. Because of its location, the wiper arm is prone to damage. Below are some helpful guides for you to prevent damage on the part:

    Do not use the wipers on an icy windshield.

    The wipers are designed only to wipe light particles such as water, dust, and falling snow. During the winter, you should avoid constant use of the wiper especially when your windshield is full of ice or snow. The wiper arm may not be able to wipe away these elements, resulting in damage in the part. More so, too much weight caused by these buildups can cause the wiper motor to work harder and overheat. Instead, wait for the defroster to melt the snow and ice buildups.

    Apply water repellant on your windshield.

    The smoother the wiper glides over your windshield, the longer it lasts. Any element that the wiper blade wipes off the windshield causes stress and strain on the windshield wiper arm. When this happens, the arm slowly weakens. Applying water repellant on the windshield would make the wiper glide smoothly over the glass, relieving the wiper arm of any additional strain and prolonging its service life.

    Do not let go of the Toyota 4Runner windshield wiper arm while it is not yet placed well against the windshield.

    The wiper arm is secured by a spring that makes it lean against your windshield. If you lift the wiper arm and let it go while raised, it would snap back against your windshield. The increased force applied by the spring may break the windshield glass, wiper blade, wiper arm, or all of them. With this, always make sure you gently place the wiper arm against the windshield.

    Repaint the Toyota 4Runner windshield wiper arm.

    The wiper arm tends to weather easily because of the elements it is exposed to. With this, it is recommended to repaint the part once a weathered spot is noticed.