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Toyota Camry Parts and Toyota Camry Accessories

As replacement to the old rear wheel drive Corona, Toyota created the Toyota Camry in 1983. The popular vehicle that time was from Honda, with this Camry attempted to compete with it having a bigger and better wheelbase at 102.4 inches, more legroom for backseat passengers and a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine at 92 horsepower. The Camry offers a five-speed manual or a four speed automatic option.

Two years later, Camry was updated with shuffling colors, an adoption of flush mounted headlights and a slight increase in the engine boosting it up to 95 hp. After that, the competition continued as Honda rolled out a new improved Accord. Nevertheless, Toyota stood on its ground and made a complete redesign of the Toyota Camry. The new Camry then had changes like another increase of 20 horsepower, resulting from its new 16-valve, twin-cam engine. Not just that, there were decreases in noise and vibration too.

By 1988, more improvements happened that really brought out big news for the Camry. A new 2.5-liter V6 engine option was placed with double overhead cams having four valves per cylinder and kicks out 153 horsepower. These changes provided strong acceleration and a really smooth and quiet operation. The Camry then became available in an all wheel drive system with a manual transmission that exerts additional grip recommended for those who lived in areas of the country which is prone to slippery ground conditions like take for example in the Northeast or at the Midwest. With its growing popularity, production in the United States came to a decision and then rolled out from the first American chosen site, Georgetown, Ky.

Continuously receiving praise and awards from different consumer publications on its high level of build quality and reliability, the Camry's sales did not cease growing better. Without too much of a change, Toyota kept its look for a couple of years until they added antilock brakes optional on a few of the Camry models in the year 1991.

The year after that Camry grew in dimensions supplementing the Americans' fondness to big cars. Besides the new roomy conditions, Camry's exterior styling too grew better. It was now more pleasing to the eyes with its smoothly rounded and aerodynamic contours. This really made the difference and went on improving up to the present.
Since engines and Toyota Camry parts are always upgraded, it is always better to keep up with the trend. This will obviously not only make your car look better, it will also run with performance that is more appreciable. Finding Toyota Camry parts is not that hard nowadays. With the help of technology such as the internet, ads and links to sites that sells Camry parts are widely available. With or without luck, you will always find sellers and dealers where you can get Toyota Camry parts at a cheaper price but still in great shape. New or old, Toyota is the brand you will need for your Camry car wreck replacement parts.